‘Participated in 5 games’ for 4 years, ‘0’ in training this season… He said he was the successor to Vidic.

 If this is the case, why did you renew the contract? I’m not even training properly.

The British media’Sports Bible’ said on the 28th (local time), “Jones has only made five appearances for Manchester United since the 2019/2020 season. According to coach Eric ten Haag, Jones has not been able to train even once this season.” . 먹튀검증

Jones was once the future of Manchester United. Jones, who wore Manchester United’s uniform during Alex Ferguson’s days, was considered Nemanja Vidic’s successor. Jones, who was loved by fans for his dedicated defense in the early days of the transfer. However, frequent injuries held him back.

Since 2016, injuries have steadily occurred in various parts such as ankles and hamstrings, and even after being cured, they recurred again. However, United signed a new four-year contract with Jones in February 2019. It is the contract period until this season, but since the 2019/2020 season, he has only played 5 games. There were 2 starting appearances. You can call it the so-called ‘weekly thief’.

Ten Haag couldn’t hide his embarrassment at Jones’ continued recurrence of injuries. “Jones hasn’t trained a single time this season. He’s been injured all season. I can’t even say whether or not Jones will play for Manchester United again,” Ten Haag said.

He continued, “All I can answer with certainty now is that Jones hasn’t been able to participate since the first training session of the season. There is no chance that he will recover quickly and play.”

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