Park Hang-seo, “My future? I’ll only think about soccer”

Coach Park Hang-seo (66) has made it official that he has parted ways with Vietnamese soccer. 

The Vietnam national soccer team, led by coach Park Hang-seo, played Thailand on the 16th (Korean time) at 9:30 pm at Thammasat Stadium in Pathum Thani, Thailand in the second round of the 2022 ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Mitsubishi Electric Cup (Mitsubishi Cup) final. lost 0-1 in 

As a result, Vietnam, which drew 2-2 in the first game, lost 2-3 in total in the first and second games, and had to be satisfied with the runner-up in the tournament. With this match, Coach Park ended his five-year relationship with the Vietnamese national team. 

After the game, coach Park walked around the field despite the away game. It is to express gratitude to the Vietnamese crowd who came to the stadium for their last match. 

According to Vietnam’s ‘VTC News’, coach Park said at a press conference after the match, “Congratulations to Coach Alexandre Pulking and the Thai national team. It was different. It was because of my lack of ability. The players did their best. I hope the fans will continue to encourage them instead of criticizing them.”

Then, to the question, “Can Vietnam win against Thailand in the future?” “I can’t answer this question. I think it should be left to the next coach. The Vietnamese national team will continue to grow.” Sae Ha-ha (U-23) is not the coach of the Vietnamese team, I will be a big fan. In response to the question, “Have you had any regrets while leading Vietnam for 5 years?” Coach Park said, “Over the past 5 years, I have gained great courage. As a manager, there were many shortcomings, but I did my best in every game.” It is that I will no longer accompany the players. It is a memory I will never forget for the rest of my life as I have shared the pain and joy for 5 years. I regret in my heart that I am leaving like this and not taking on the coaching job of the Vietnamese national team anymore and that I am no longer with the players. There is,” he regretted. 토토사이트

Regarding the most memorable moment while leading Vietnam for five years, he looked back at “the moment when he lived and played with the players in the team medical room.” Coach Park has been known to massage the legs of players by hand through the players’ social media. 

Regarding his future, Director Park said, “My personality is to not think about other things while working. The competition is over and the contract ends on January 31st.” No matter who I do, where I am, I will only play soccer,” revealing his will to remain active in the soccer world. 

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