Outfielder with a career batting average of 0.125, filled the vacancy of the national center fielder 

 SSG Landers Choi Sang-min (24) filled the void of Choi Ji-hoon (26)’s injury.

Choi Sang-min started as the 8th hitter center fielder in the 2023 KBO Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League Doosan Bears game held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 29th. On the day, he went 4-for-2 with 2 hits, 1 walk and 2 runs scored. With Choi Sang-min’s performance, SSG won 10-4 over Doosan and maintained its lead with two consecutive victories.

Before the match,먹튀검증 SSG was hit by an injury. This is because former national team center fielder Choi Ji-hoon left due to injury. Choi Ji-hoon, who tried to slide toward home the previous day, collided with the opposing catcher Jang Seung-hyeon. As a result of a close examination at the hospital, his left ankle ligament sprain was found, and he was deleted from the entry. Previously, Kim Kang-min was injured. SSG was forced to play without two of its most reliable center fielders.

Manager Kim Won-hyung also expressed concern, saying, “Choi Ji-hoon was doing very well. The hitting feeling was good. He was also doing a great job in defense. I’m worried that Kim Kang-min is also missing.” In 22 games this season, Choi Ji-hoon swung hard with a batting average of 0.352 (31 hits in 88 at-bats) and a slugging average of 0.420. However, unlike the worries of the command tower, Choi Sang-min played an active role.

Choi Sang-min is from Bukil High School and joined SK Wyverns (now SSG) in 2018 as a training player. He was registered as an official player in 2022, and had a batting average of 0.125 (2 hits in 16 at-bats) and a slugging percentage of 0.125 OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.388 in 34 games in the first team career. He made just three starts and was named to the starting lineup for the first time this season.

And Choi Sang-min filled the void of Choi Ji-hoon’s injury well. Choi Sang-min, who started as the lead batter in the second inning, hit opponent starter Choi Won-joon’s 136km fastball and went on base with a right-handed hit. He then stepped home when the follow-up hitter Cho Hyung-woo hit a double in the middle right.

Choi Sang-min, who also served as the lead batter in the 4th inning. He attacked the 124 km slider and led it to a left-handed hit. Then, he took second base with Cho Hyung-woo’s sacrifice bunt, and succeeded in scoring when Choi Joo-hwan’s double fell to the top prize. He continued to reach base in the 6th inning. In the 2nd out, 1st and 2nd bases, Choi Sang-min got a walk from the changed pitcher, Ko Bong-jae. In the 8th inning, he was kicked off with a shortstop ground ball, but it is Choi Sang-min who recorded 3 bases in this game alone.

Even the substitute players are doing their part, SSG. Song Young-jin filled the void on the mound, and this time, Choi Sang-min filled the void left by the injury to the main center fielder. If they continue to play as they are, SSG will be able to relieve their worries about center field until Choi Ji-hoon returns.

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