Opponent’s picks like Twisted Fate were tricky

T1 defeated kt Rolster 3-2 in the second round of the 2023 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Playoffs held at Gran Seoul LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 25th. After winning the match, T1 succeeded in advancing to the winner’s bracket. In an interview after the game, coach Seong-Woong Bae of “Bengi” gave an overall review of the game.

▶T1 ‘Bengi’ coach Seong-Woong Bae

“It was a sweaty victory, but I think I’ve got more time after going to the winner’s bracket than going to the loser’s bracket. That’s good. In the case of kt, the preferred champion is clear, so it should be easier to pick and ban from a team perspective. I chose it because I thought it was the same. However, I felt picky about preparing a champion like Twisted Fate after dropping 4th and 5th pick. Ryu “

Keria” Min-seok said he felt a little dizzy, so 온라인바카라I put a fuzz on it and looked at the condition. It seems to be fine for now, but I don’t think I’m in perfect condition yet.

In the case of the second set, we tried to spread out a lot in the beginning, but we made a mistake in the object team fight. I think we need to make up for this. The 4th set is similar. In the end I think I lost because of the lack of accuracy in the engagement.

He said that it was worth it even when the players were being pushed back. I think I made a stepping stone by trying to create an opportunity somehow. In particular, all the players have improved their composure a lot, So, I think I was able to keep my composure among the team members by talking about it during the game.

Thank you to the fans who supported us. I will make up for what I lacked today and prepare well for the next game.”

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