One year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine… What is the current situation amid concerns over the long-term?

<Appearance: Jinho Doo, Research Fellow, Korea Institute for Defense Development>

The war in Ukraine, which occurred on February 24 last year, is already approaching its 1st anniversary.

There is hardly any breakthrough for온라인바카라 a ceasefire.

Let’s take a look at the related content with Doo Jin-ho, a researcher at the Korea Institute for Defense Analyses.


<Question 1> Despite all-round economic sanctions from the international community led by the US and other Western countries, Russia has been dragging on the war in Ukraine for a year. One year since the invasion of Ukraine, how do you see it?

<Question 2> Russia appears to be preparing for a fight by deploying fighter jets and heavy weapons in addition to large numbers of troops in front of major fronts, including the eastern battlefield. It is said that the frequency of attacks has increased noticeably. US President Joe Biden is also scheduled to visit Poland on the 21st and give a speech in support of Ukraine. Should we assume that a major offensive is imminent?

<Question 3> At the beginning of the war, most foreign media predicted that Ukraine would not be able to hold out for three days. However, unlike what was expected, what do you think is the reason for the Russian army’s performance to be so sluggish, and what do you think is the current war situation?

<Question 4> The role of drones in the Russia-Ukraine war is drawing attention. Payne Greenwood, a drone expert, defined the war in Ukraine as ‘the first drone war in history’ in an article for an American foreign affairs media outlet?

<Question 5> The international community, centered on Western countries, has imposed numerous sanctions on Russia that are difficult to enumerate. Do you think you can set up a major turning point in the war?

<Question 6> Heads of some 40 countries, excluding Russia and Iran, gathered at the world’s largest security conference in Munich. Additional aid to Ukraine was also discussed at the meeting. How do you see the future response of the West?

<Question 7> An analysis has come out that Russia lost up to half of its main battle tanks in the war in Ukraine. On the other hand, in the case of Ukraine, it increased with Russian tanks captured on the battlefield and tanks supported by Western allies. How do you think this tank support will affect the war situation?

<Question 8> There are concerns that this dispute will be prolonged. When will the war end, is there no possibility of a truce?

<Question 9> Does this war have many implications for the security issues on the Korean Peninsula? Lastly, please point out the impact and implications of the new Cold War, which began with the Russia-Ukraine War, on the Korean Peninsula.

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