‘Old Gwan is Myeong-gwan’ is an old saying, K-League 1’s top 1 and 2 scorers are freshmen.

There is a proverb that says, ‘Old-gwan is myeong-gwan’. 메이저놀이터 It is a maxim that applies to the K-League as well. More so in the last two years. Due to the aftermath of Corona 19, it was difficult to see and judge the physical condition and performance of foreign players who will influence farming for the year. As a result, coaches had no choice but to prefer foreign players who were playing in the K-League or who had experience. The K-League big clubs have already chosen a way to boost their strength by supplying foreign players who have already been proven in the K-League.

However, looking at the scoring race report card at the beginning of the 2023 season, that is not necessarily the case. This is because the newly selected foreign players in the K-League are ranked first and second in points. The main characters are Rubikson (Ulsan, 5 goals) and Asani (Gwangju, 4 goals).

The Swedish native Rubiksson scored four goals as Ulsan sprinted to a six-game winning streak. It was pure perfection. All scored the winning goal to lead the team to victory. In fact, Rubikson was an offensive resource that the scouting team had been checking since a year ago. At the time, it failed because the transfer fee negotiations were not smooth, but after a year of hard work, scout Kim Young-ki checked directly on the spot and succeeded in recruiting.

Ulsan is trying to minimize the failure of recruiting players by selecting and recommending players who fit the soccer coach Hong Myung-bo is pursuing from the scouting team and communicating closely with the coaching staff. Coach Hong also said that he has confidence in the club’s recommended players.

Gwangju’s Asani is also a player who is making a point in ‘Lee Jeong-hyo’s attack soccer’. Asani’s goals were all winning goals. On February 25, in his K-League debut match (1-0 win) against Suwon Samsung, he substituted and scored the winning goal in the 43rd minute of the second half. On the 18th of last month, against Incheon (5-0 win), he also recorded his first hat-trick in the K-League. An official said, “Asani was the type Lee preferred. Above all, Asani’s agent is the same as Ulsan’s Martin Adam. Seeing Adam leave a strong impact in the second half of last season’s K-League, Confidence has increased,” he said. He also hinted, “Asani was a foreign striker that Ulsan was also interested in. However, Gwangju was early in terms of his contract period. I feel that Asani is filling the void left by Hayes.”

There is a good reason why new foreigners are running on the road to success. Good farming is possible only when proper communication and trust between the club scouting team and coaching staff and evaluation through performance checks are conducted in the field.

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