Now only Lee Seung-woo remains… Suwon FC getting scarier

Suwon FC overcame the sluggishness in the early stages and won two games in a row. The tactical change and the even performance of the attackers became the point of reversal. Now, if Lee Seung-woo (25) breaks the silence, the upward trend can continue even steeper.

Suwon FC was a representative attacking soccer team that 메이저놀이터scored 56 goals last season. He scored the second most goals after champion Ulsan Hyundai (57 goals). The ups and downs have been severe this season. In the opening 5 games, only 3 goals and 3 games were scoreless. Sex did not follow. 1 win, 1 draw and 3 losses.

After two consecutive scoreless losses against Ulsan and Gwangju FC, manager Kim Do-gyun changed his tactics. He switched to a four-back instead of a three-back and put more emphasis on offense. The blood that had been blocked for so long was pierced. Daejeon Hana Citizen, who had been undefeated in the opening 5 matches, suffered their first loss and won 5-3. Jeonbuk Hyundai also won 1-0 at home and won the first consecutive win of the season.

In line with the tactical change, the attackers began to revive. Foremost striker Lars (Netherlands) is making a big success with 3 goals and 1 assist in the last 2 matches. Murilo (Brazil), Bitgaram Yun (1 goal), and Lee Kwang-hyuk (1 assist) also accumulated their own offensive points. Existing foreign players such as Lars and Murillo started to rise, and transfer students Bitgaram Yoon and Kwanghyuk Lee also quickly integrated into the team.

However, Lee Seung-woo still has no offensive points in the 5th game. He is the only one among the main players to remain silent. It is regrettable considering that the biggest reason why Suwon FC’s offensive football was sharper last season was the performance of Lee Seung-woo, who scored 14 goals and 3 assists.

In other words, if Lee Seung-woo explodes in the recent rise of Suwon FC, it means that it can become a more terrifying team. This is because Suwon FC’s firepower can be further strengthened by adding Lee Seung-woo, the highest scoring player in the team last season, as the other strikers are already performing steadily.

The fortunate thing is that Lee Seung-woo’s performance has improved a lot, although he has no offensive points yet. He recorded 2 effective shots in the last 2 games, and also recorded 2 key passes and 2 depressurizations each. He overwhelms opponents with his unique personal skills and depressurization, and leads the attack with sharp passes and shooting.

The ratings of the last two matches, based on the K-League official supplementary data provider Non-Pro Eleven, also exceeded 7.2. Looking at his recent performance, it is only a matter of time before Lee Seung-woo breaks his silence. Lee Seung-woo’s goal with his unique dance ceremony is definitely good news for Suwon FC as well as K-League box office success.

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