Not Manchester United, Agent Kim Min-jae to Paris… Contract discussion with PSG general manager

French Ligue 1 Paris Saint-Germain is aiming for Kim Min-jae (26), who is connected to the English Premier League.

French media RMC Sports reported on the 19th (Korean time) that “Kim Min-jae was targeted by Paris Saint-Germain Louis Campos sports director in the summer transfer market.” ) reported.

RMC Sports said,메이저사이트 “Kampos Director highly evaluates Kim Min-jae.” “I like Kim Min-jae’s technical qualities, but I value his spirit highly. In particular, he has the ability to adapt to the Paris environment, so he will fit well with Paris Saint-Germain,” said Campos Director. I’m watching,” he added.

▲ After the match against Udinese on the 5th (Korean time), Kim Min-jae, surrounded by fans who jumped into the stadium after confirming the championship. ⓒYonhap News/EPA

ⓒYonhap News/EPA

Napoli drew 1-1 with Udinese on the 5th and accumulated 80 points, confirming the 2022-23 season championship in 33 rounds. It has been 33 years since the 1989-1990 season, and the third in total, including the 1986-1987 season. In addition, in the UEFA Champions League, they advanced to the quarterfinals, changing the club’s best performance ever. Although he lost face by being eliminated in the round of 16 in the Coppa Italia (Italian Cup), it is evaluated that it was a successful season according to Serie A and the Champions League.

Kim Min-jae played in 33 Serie A matches for Napoli this season and led the team to the Serie A championship in 33 years. The fact that Napoli finished 15 games with a clean sheet and the team lost 25 points, which is the lowest in the league, is an evaluation that Kim Min-jae’s existence was decisive.

Kim Min-jae’s performance has attracted big clubs, and after one season of transfer, rumors of a transfer to the English Premier League are pouring in. Manchester United, Manchester City, and recently, Newcastle United are known to want Kim Min-jae. The most active team among them is Manchester United. Italian media Il Martino recently reported that “Kim Min-jae has agreed to a contract with Manchester United,” but Kim Min-jae’s Korean agent denied it.

▲ Kim Min-jae has established himself as the best defender in Serie A after one season of transfer.

▲ Kim Min-jae has established himself as the best defender in Serie A after one season of transfer.

▲ Kim Min-jae has established himself as the best defender in Serie A after one season of transfer.

Paris Saint-Germain has Spanish soccer legend Sergio Ramos as center back, Brazil national team Marquinhos, France national team Fresnel Kimpembe, and Portugal national team Danilo Pereira. Here, in the transfer market this summer, he is already planning to bring Milan Škriniar from Inter Milan as a free agent.

However, as Paris Saint-Germain is currently using a three-back tactic, it is a plan to further strengthen the depth of the defender. With Ramos turning 37, Danilo 31 and Marquinhos 29, the need to prepare for the future is also raised.

Unlike the weight of Kim Min-jae in Naples, the reason why the transfer is being proposed after one season is because of the buyout clause. According to Napoli sports director Christian Giuntoli, Napoli included a 50 million euro buyout clause in the contract with Kim Min-jae. This condition is active for only 15 days in the transfer window this summer for foreign clubs outside of Italy. If you meet the buyout clause, you can immediately set up a negotiating table with the player regardless of the club’s answer.

As Kim Min-jae is about to enter the training center next month, the prevailing view is that the actual transfer will be confirmed after July when the summer transfer market opens. An official from Kim Min-jae’s side said, “I saw rumors of a transfer to Manchester United. Nothing has been decided yet. The season is not over right now. There is no reason to be in a hurry. We are concentrating on finishing the current season.”

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