Mulich ahead of the first super match “The biggest game in Korea… We have to believe in ourselves”

 Striker Mulich expressed his determination ahead of the first super match after transferring to Suwon Samsung.

Suwon lost 2-3 against Jeju United at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 15th in the 7th round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023. 

Suwon’s Basani scored the first goal in the 7th minute, but Yuri Jonathan equalized in the 21st minute. In the 3rd and 17th minutes of the second half, Hays turned the tables with multiple goals and widened the gap by two goals. In the 34th minute of the second half, Yu Je-ho scored a wonder goal for Suwon, but could not equalize. 

Suwon failed to increase its defensive concentration in the second half and suffered a turnaround, again delaying its first win of the season. 

Mulich, who started as a frontline striker, 카지노사이트struggled to score until he was replaced by Ahn Byeong-jun in the 29th minute of the second half, but one effective shot was blocked by opposing goalkeeper Kim Dong-jun’s save, swallowing regret. 

Mulich, who met in the joint coverage area (Mixed Zone) after the game, said, “I was very happy to play as a starter, but I am so disappointed and upset because I lost the game.”

Suwon’s biggest problem, goal-making ability, was not able to be saved in this match. Mulich also said, “I always try and do my best. I want to say I’m so sorry to the fans that I couldn’t score.”

He continued, “I believe that goals will come as the players and coaching staff work together and work hard. 

Suwon, who had not been cheered by fans in the previous two games, played the game with fans cheering on this day. When asked how the players were reacting to this, he said, “I wanted to think about it or focus on the game.”

“I think we shouldn’t be like this, and we always have to trust each other for 90 minutes. Sometimes, the coach and coaching staff trust us more. We think we shouldn’t do that when we’re behind, and we believe in ourselves and each other more.” I think you have to believe it,” he said forcefully. 

The next match is an important super match for Suwon. Mulich is facing a super match for the first time since his transfer. 

Regarding this, Mulich expressed his will, saying, “I know very well that the Super Match is the biggest match in Korea,” and “I think you have to prepare well and believe in yourself.” 

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