‘Miracle 5 consecutive wins’ 2 wins in ATP career… Kwon Soon-woo wrote a new history!

Kwon Soon-woo, the tennis leader, became the first Korean player to win his second personal career on the men’s professional tour.

He dramatically revived after being eliminated in the preliminary round and ran a five-game winning streak. 온라인바카라

Reporter Suh Bong-guk reports from Adelaide, Australia.

At the match point, the moment Agood’s ball was ruled out, Kwon Soon-woo smiled brightly as if he couldn’t believe it.

[Local relay comment: In my view, it is out. Kwon Soon-woo is the new champion.] For the first time as a Korean player, he surpassed Lee Hyung-taek, the

second player in the ATP Tour history, and wrote a new history in Korean tennis. [Kwon Soon-woo / Dangjin City Hall: I tried not to give up as it was the final, and the fans cheered me on, but giving up is not a good look, and I tried to the end, so today’s result was good.] Winning the trophy after a year and a half after the Astana Games was never easy. After being eliminated from the preliminaries, the finalists withdrew and made it to the finals as a lucky loser. The last 3 sets were met after exchanging sets one by one. After breaking the sub game with each other, we entered a blood-drying tie-break, and the victory belonged to Kwon Soon-woo, who was more aggressive.

[Kwon Soon-woo / Dangjin City Hall: They say that if you have better attack power, you can go up a little higher, so I practiced a lot and practiced a lot during winter training, so it came out in a good shape.] is expected to hit an all-time high tie-up of #52 in the world rankings next week.

Soon-Woo Kwon’s challenge continues with the Australian Open, which opens on Monday.

Daejin luck, such as opponents in the first round of the top 120, is also not bad, so a new history is expected once again.

This is Seo Bong-guk from YTN in Adelaide, Australia.

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