‘Miami Pillar’ Adebayo, “We will always be confident and that confidence will never fade”

Adebayo radiated confidence.

The Miami Heat are the hottest team in this playoff. After finishing the regular season in 7th place, Miami went to the play-in tournament. In the first game of the play-in tournament, they lost to the Atlanta Hawks and got hit. However, the loss was the medicine for Miami.

Later,메이저놀이터 Miami met and won the Chicago Bulls in the Play-In Tournament, advancing to the playoffs as the eighth seed. The opponent in the first round was the strong favorite Milwaukee Bucks. Most expected Milwaukee to win, but Miami succeeded in overpowering the team by winning the first game. After that, they gave up the second game, but made a great change by catching all the remaining three games. 

And in the second round, Miami was still strong. They met the New York Knicks and won 4-2 to advance to the Conference Finals.

Miami’s Conference Finals opponent was the Boston Celtics, who dominated the East last season. Again, Miami was the underdog. However, he showed his ability to catch the first and second games. Returning home, they won the 3rd game and advanced to the finals.

However, the situation gave the flow to the opponent by giving away the last 4 and 5 games. Nevertheless, Adebayo (206cm, FC), the ‘Pillar of Miami’, still showed confidence.

Adebayo said in an interview with ‘Clutch Point’, “We have no reason to lose confidence. From the beginning of our journey, no one believed in us. Everyone thought we would lose. But we have come this far through all the difficult journeys.”

“Even though we lost the last two games, we have an advantage. Only one win left to advance to the finals. We are always confident and that will not go away.”

As Adebayo said, Miami still has the advantage. But Miami needs Adebayo’s performance to win the game. Adebayo is averaging 13 points, 5.3 rebounds and 1.7 assists over his last three games. Can Adebayo rebound in Game 6 and lead the team to the NBA Finals?

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