MF kicked out for ‘always complaining’ under Mourinho, what will he do now?

 In 2012, there was a midfielder who moved from Genk, Belgium to Chelsea, England.

Star midfielder John Obi Mikel, who played for Chelsea from 2006 to 2017, compared the player’s past and present through the radio program ‘Dubai Eye’.

He was a player who completely lost the trust of Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho. Mourinho took charge of Chelsea from 2004 to 2007 and from 2013 to 2015.

The Chelsea midfielder, Mikel remembers, was “always complaining”. “He was always impatient, always alone, always in a bad mood, always grumbling. So there was nothing to be gained from him,” Mikel remembered.

He couldn’t adapt at Chelsea, and only made three league appearances for Chelsea. Eventually, he was kicked out of Mourinho’s managerial온라인카지노 system.

He was loaned out to Werder Bremen in Germany during his time at Chelsea. Little by little he began to discover his talent in Germany. After being kicked out of Chelsea, he chose to move to Germany. He moved to Wolfsburg in 2014.

And not long after, in 2015, he proudly returned to England. It wasn’t Chelsea that came back with a startlingly different look. He wore a Manchester City jersey. So far he is with Man City.

He did well for Man City. Mikel was surprised. Mikel said: “I’m really happy to see him play a great game now. It’s so much fun to watch him play. It’s amazing to see him become the best player in the world. He’s stronger, he’s faster. I don’t know what happened to him.” admired.

A midfielder who was shunned by Mourinho during his Chelsea days and kicked out. A midfielder who went to Manchester City and made a name for himself as a top-class player. The ace of Man City, England’s strongest, who overcame his humble self in the past with only his skills.

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