‘Man Utd Legend’ Ji-Sung Park gave advice to ‘European Offer’ Kyu-Sung Cho

Park Ji-seong, technical director of Jeonbuk Hyundai, hoped that Cho Kyu-seong would enter Europe stably as a senior.

No matter what anyone says, the player who is receiving a lot of attention in the transfer market this winter is Cho Kyu-sung. It is Cho Kyu-sung, who has already been confirmed to have received offers from Mainz, Celtic and Minnesota. He has already received an official offer, so he is negotiating with Jeonbuk.

It goes without saying, but moving abroad is a huge challenge for a player. Cho Kyu-seong has never lived abroad, so he is all the more so. In particular, joining a new player in the winter transfer market is a difficult task for players playing abroad.

No one knows that Cho Kyu-sung has the skills to compete on the European stage. He won the K-League 1 top scorer and showed his competitiveness in the World Cup, a global stage. Cho Kyu-sung himself has a strong will to advance into Europe. 온라인바카라

However, his goal cannot be only to advance to Europe. Europe is something he cannot succeed with willpower alone. It is said that a player can grow through failure, but it is better for the player’s future to settle down successfully in Europe.

Park Ji-sung is not unaware of the difficulties. Park Ji-sung knows how difficult it is to challenge Europe in the winter transfer market. It was in the January transfer window right after the World Cup that Park Ji-sung succeeded in going to Europe. Park Ji-sung started his European challenge in January 2003 when he left Kyoto Purple Sanga and moved to PSV Eindhoven.

Even though coach Guus Hiddink, who knows the strengths of Park Ji-sung better than anyone else, took him, he had difficulty adapting to Europe. Later, he adapted well and became a symbol of the team, but at the beginning of the transfer, the home fans did not adapt to the extent of booing Park Ji-sung. So Park Ji-sung had a wish that Cho Kyu-sung would try to challenge Europe in summer rather than winter.

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