Man United DF, who came out after a long time, lost trust… Treated like Maguire

The evaluation of Viktor Lindelof is not good.

Manchester United won 3-0 against Nottingham Forest in the first leg of the English Football League Cup (EFL Cup) semi-finals in the 2022-23 season held at the City Ground in Nottingham, England on the 26th at 5:00 am (Korean time). This allows Manchester United to play the second leg of the semi-final at home with a margin of 3 points.

Coach Erik Ten Haag used a bit of rotation. He placed Boot Verhost up front, allowing Marcus Rashford to play on the flank, and it was notable that he chose Lindelof to replace Rafael Varane as Lisandro Martinez’s mate. Coach Ten Hagh used to appoint Luke Shaw, a fullback, as a centerback instead of Harry Maguire or Lindelof, even if the centerback position was vacant recently, but in this match, he took out the Lindelof card, a professional centerback. 토토사이트

Lindelof played decently on the record. On this day, Lindelof recorded 2 successful tackles (3 attempts), 2 clearings, 1 interception, 4 recoveries, 3 successful ground contests (100%), and 3 successful aerial contests (60%). . The football statistics media ‘Pot Mob’ gave Lindelof a rating of 7.5. Even considering that Man Utd won a complete victory, it can be confirmed that they performed well.

However, fans thought differently. The British ‘Sports Bible’ said, “Lindelof has received a lot of criticism. He was selected to start over Baran, but his play was not convincing. Manchester United fans do not think Lindelof is fit to play for the team.” reported that he was receiving a lot of criticism from fans on social media for playing against Nottingham. In particular, Manchester United fans were known to reprimand Lindelof for his mistake in the scene where he conceded a goal to Sam Sergey, although offside was declared after a video review (VAR).

If you check the reactions released by ‘Sports Bible’, fans say, “Lindelof proves why he and Maguire are not suitable players for Manchester United”, “Lindelof is one of the worst defenders I have ever seen”, “(Surridge’s scoring scene) is to blame for Lindelof”, “Lindelof is a useless defender. VAR saved him”, “Lindelof should not stay in the team anymore” and strongly reprimanded Lindelof. did.

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