‘Man in crisis’, captain, but transfer recommendation… “Man United career is over”

 Can Harry Maguire (Manchester United) continue his life in Manchester?

The British media ‘Mirror’ reported on the 12th (Korean time), “Danny Murphy urged Maguire to transfer.”

In 2019, Maguire left Leicester City to join Manchester United. Manchester United expressed their expectations by pouring in a transfer fee of 80 million pounds (approximately 125 billion won).

The birth of a defender worth 100 billion won aroused a lot of interest. Naturally, strict standards were set against him.

But Maguire wasn’t convinced. His slow pace also put a question mark on his defense. He gave up his starting position at the beginning of this season as well, not much different. Although he is the team captain, he has become more often than not started from the bench.

He also laid the foundation for a rebound. He led England’s defense at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar and performed well.

However, his position did not change. He also failed to gain an edge against the non-central defender Luke Shaw. Manager Eric ten Haag has hired Luke Shaw as a central defender while Maguire is on the bench.토토사이트

After losing to Rafael Baran and Lisandro Martinez, the third place fight with Shaw and Viktor Lindelof is also unpredictable.

Murphy, who played for Tottenham Hotspur and Fulham, advised that Maguire should leave Manchester United for the sake of his career.

Appearing on ‘Talk Sports’, Murphy was asked if Maguire’s future lay at Manchester United. He said, “No,” and urged change, saying, “Maguire still has great talent.”

Murphy recommended going to Newcastle United, saying, “Maguire has leadership and has played well in international competitions. He has strengths in set plays as well.”

He said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if Newcastle manager Eddie Howe were to sign Maguire. He might make a worse signing than Maguire.”

Murphy said, “I think Maguire’s Manchester United career is over. Manager Ten Haag seems to prefer other players,” and advised him to take on a new challenge.

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