Man City master reunited at Arsenal… “I was so sad when he left”

Oleksandr Zinchenko couldn’t contain his emotions when Mikel Arteta left Manchester City.

Last summer Zinchenko joined Arsenal from Manchester City. He showed good form at Man City, but his position was not solid because he could not overcome the big wall of João Can Celura. As a result, Arsenal, which was aiming to reinforce the left fullback, reached out to him and quickly completed the negotiations.

After joining Arsenal, Zinchenko스포츠토토 quickly established himself as an ‘ace’. As in Manchester City, he plays the inverted wingback role, but has been given a more attacking role than he was in Manchester City. When developing an attack, he moves like a central midfielder or Mezzala, acting as a tactical lubricant. Zinchenko played a big role in Arsenal’s ability to develop a smooth attack, and thanks to his performance, Arsenal are ranked first in the league.

Zinchenko is grateful to Arteta for recognizing his ability. After winning 3-0 against Fulham last time, he sang ‘Super Arteta’, Arteta’s cheering song, with the fans in the field.

The relationship between Zinchenko and Arteta did not happen this season. While he was at Manchester City, Arteta was managing the team as Manchester City’s assistant coach until December 2019. Even at that time, Zinchenko received a lot of guidance from Arteta, and thanks to that, he was able to achieve a step forward as a player.

As much as that, the breakup with Arteta came very close. According to the British media ‘Mirror’, he said that he couldn’t control her emotions when Arteta left. “I remember when Arteta left Manchester City. I couldn’t control my emotions, because Arteta was a very special person to me,” he said.

“He taught me a lot. He was great as a person. In every training session, the way he treated the young players was really great. They gave advice to everyone and taught me something special.”

Zinchenko’s respect for Arteta was deeper than he thought. “I told my acquaintances, ‘If I leave Manchester City and stay in the Premier League, it will be Arteta’s team,'” he said. In fact, Zinchenko left Man City, but headed to Arsenal led by Arteta.

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