Lim Seong-kyun advances to the quarterfinals, finishing first in Group A. 3-2 win against Jeon In-hyeok in Younggeon match

Lim Seong-kyun, 26, and Jeon In-hyeok, 25. The average was not very high, but it was an exciting full-set match.

The 5th set of the quarterfinals of the ‘2023 Crown Haitai PBA Championship’ held on the 6th. Lim Seong-gyun’s 4th inning attack was pushed back by 2:4. As he unraveled tricky placements one by one, he fired eight straight shots and stood at 10 points and match points.

When the last one was missed, Jeon In-hyeok immediately followed with a bank shot. However, as Jeon In-hyeok retreated with only two points, Lim Seong-kyun raised the match point with a one-bank throw in five innings 토토사이트and headed to the semifinals.

Jeon In-hyeok stayed in the quarterfinals due to lack of experience and final blows, but played a game full of ambition.

Lim Seong-kyun won the first and third sets with a score of 15:11. I was dragged until 3:12 in the beginning of the 4th set.

However, Jeon In-hyeok, who was running fast with 3 consecutive hits in 1 inning, 4 consecutive hits in 2 innings, and 5 consecutive hits in 3 innings, followed step by step while hitting empty hits for 4 consecutive innings, and hit 4 consecutive hits in 7 innings, turning it over to 14:12.

A match point that ends in one shot. but unfortunately missed it. Jeon In-hyeok, who had a hard time seizing the opportunity, injured the remaining 3 points in the 8th inning and won again, making the set score 2-2.

In the 5th set, Lim Seong-gyun was rather behind in momentum, and although he was reversed in the 3rd inning, he scored 8 consecutive hits in a decisive situation to finish the close quarterfinals.

Group A is the strongest among the four groups in the preliminaries. Champions such as Kudron, Kasido Costas, Seo Hyun-min, and Kim Byeong-ho, runners-up such as Kim Im-kwon and Lee Sang-dae, and foreign dark horses Yuxel and Montes were lined up.

Lim Seong-gyun advanced to the first semifinals by defeating Kasidocostas, who came up after defeating Kudron, in the quarterfinals.

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