“LG Twins are like an army” What is the sincerity of the transfer student in the FA uniform?

A representative thing that symbolizes the LG Twins. It’s just a gloss jumper. When fall comes, LG fans take out and wear the glossy jumpers they have been keeping.

It seems that the glossy jumper was very impressive even to the players of other teams who did not play for LG.

Park Dong-won, who came to LG after playing for KIA, was the same. Park Dong-won returned to Seoul at the end of November last year after signing a contract with FA (free agent) LG for a 4-year contract for a total of 6.5 billion won (down payment of 2 billion won, total annual salary for 4 years of 4.5 billion won).

He was nominated by Nexen (now Kiwoom) Heroes in 2009 and traded to KIA during last season. He marked a batting average of 0.256, 114 home runs, 735 hits, and 464 RBIs in 1026 KBO League career games. On defense, he had a good record of stealing 35.5%.

And now, with a new mindset, he is determined to make a big success at LG. Park Dong-won said, “I’m excited to come to LG. I’m working out, but I want to go to spring camp as soon as possible and wear a uniform and exercise with the players.”

The LG Twins held a New Year’s ceremony at Jamsil Stadium on the 4th. At that time, all the players attended wearing glossy jumpers and showed a unified look.토토사이트

Park Dong-won laughed, saying, “All the players were wearing whatever they did,” and then said, “When living in the previous teams, each wore what they wanted to wear. But here, they wore everything as if it were a rule. It felt like we were wearing it together,” he said brightly.

Then Park Dong-won added a word. “It’s even better when we wear them all together.” It was Park Dong-won’s sincerity.

LG has recently experienced fall baseball for four consecutive years and has established itself as a strong team in the league. Park Dong-won, as a member of another team, watched all of this. He looked back, saying, “It was a difficult team to overturn if we were losing against LG. Pil Seung-jo was so good that we had to quickly break down the selection. Isn’t that why LG became stronger?”

LG runs again toward winning this season. Park Dong-won said, “I have never won a championship while playing baseball. I hope my first championship will be the first championship in 29 years by the LG Twins.”

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