‘Lexi Brown-Jordyn Canada who dominated the match’ Los Angeles, 2 consecutive wins against Phoenix

Los Angeles caught Phoenix in overtime. ‘Living legend’ Diana Tarasi fought hard, but the last-minute concentration of Lexi Brown and Jordin Canada saved LA from a losing streak.메이저놀이터

The Los Angeles Sparks won 99-93 in a match against the 2023 WNBA Phoenix Mercury held at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona on the 3rd Korea time.

Los Angeles, which gave up all of its consecutive matches against Las Vegas, won all of its matches against Phoenix this season and became 2-2. Phoenix, who won the first win of the season by catching Minnesota in the last game, lost again in the game on the 9th.

At first, when LA ran away, Phoenix followed the flow. After scoring by Lexi Brown, Jordin Canada, and Neka Ogumike, Canada hit a 3-pointer to give LA a 9-2 lead. However, Phoenix immediately followed with Diana Turasi’s three-point shot and Sophie Cunningham’s and Alessia Sutton’s scoring.

The match between the two teams, which was fiercely contested from the beginning, was played in a similar fashion until the end. As LA ran away with Gia Cooke’s consecutive 3-pointers, Phoenix tied the score with Britney Griiner and Cunningham quickly scoring.

After that, it was a close battle to go ahead or behind each other. As Phoenix overturned with Greiner’s jumper and free throw, LA turned it around again with Ogumike Neka’s free throw and layup. Phoenix counterattacked with a 3-point shot from Turasi. Rather, the third quarter ended 67-69 as LA allowed a turnaround.

LA, which allowed Turasi to score decisive points in a row, gave the lead to 81-84 1 minute and 26 seconds before the end of the fourth quarter. However, Canada tied the game with a 3-point shot. Los Angeles, which was dragged back by Greiner’s free throw, balanced again with Brown’s sharp breakthrough, and Phoenix missed Sutton’s buzzer-beater 3-pointer, sending both teams into overtime for the first time this season.

In overtime, LA took the win after the middle. Los Angeles, who allowed a turnaround with a 3-pointer by Turasi, made it 95-91 with Brown making a decisive 3-pointer 1 minute and 3 seconds before the end following Neka Ogumike’s goal.

The important battle point of the 4th grade. Canada intercepted Sutton’s pass, and LA ran away 97-93 42 seconds before the end with a single fast attack. In fact, it was the moment when the game was decided.

With Cunningham’s breakthrough, Phoenix continued to chase, but Clarendon added two points with a free throw, and LA ended the close game with a victory.

Phoenix Mercury (1-3, 10th) 93-99 LA Sparks (2-2, 7th)
(Footprint Center, Phoenix, AZ)
Lexi Brown 35:56 26 points, 3 rebounds 3P:3/7
Neka Ogumike 40:13 21 points, 12 rebounds, 6 assists
Jordin Canada 32:03 16 points, 5 assists 3 steals
Laysha Clarendon 37:42 11 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists (above LA)
Britney Greiner 33:06 24 points, 11 rebounds 3 2 assists, 2 blocks,
Sophie Cunningham 35:03, 19 points, 3 rebounds
Diana Turasi 33:25 19 points, 5 assists 3P:4/7
Alessia Sutton 29:54 12 points, 3 rebounds, 6 assists
Michaela Onenwehrer 27:01 10 points, 5 rebounds (above LA)

▲ WKBL player record

  • Derica Hambe (LA/Former KB)
    21:35 8 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists

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