“Lee Kang-in’s transfer, a painful thing”… Mallorca Accepting Separation

Even in Mallorca, Lee Kang-in (22) is leaving the team this summer as an established fact. In the end, some predict that if Lee Kang-in’s transfer becomes a reality, it will remain a painful transfer for the Mallorca club and fans.

On the 12th (Korean time), 온라인카지노Spain’s OK Diario predicted players who were confirmed to leave the team ahead of the next season or who were likely to transfer, saying, “Lee Kang-in still has a valid contract with the Mallorca club, but at present all circumstances suggest that his transfer this summer. It is implying,” he said.

The contract between Lee Kang-in and the Mallorca club is until June 2025, and there are still two more years left, but it is expected that he will eventually leave the team at the end of this summer. This is because Lee Kang-in wants to leave the Mallorca club, and many big clubs are calling for love under the terms of a buyout (amount allowed for transfer) that can be sufficiently invested.

Lee Kang-in is celebrating a goal after scoring multiple goals against Getafe last month. Photo = Getty Images

In particular, the media predicted that the promise Lee Kang-in received when he joined Mallorca would eventually lead to his transfer this summer. OK Diario explained, “Lee Kang-in received a promise from the club that he would allow the transfer if a good transfer offer came when he joined Mallorca through a free contract after terminating his contract with Valencia earlier.”

From the point of view of the Mallorca club and its fans, Lee Kang-in’s departure from the team is bound to be a fatal blow. This is because he is already the team’s ‘ace’ in terms of his attack points of 6 goals and 4 assists in the league this season, as well as his influence on the ground. It will bring a considerable amount of profit from the transfer fee, but local explanations say that considering Lee Kang-in’s presence, it will be a huge blow to Mallorca.

The media also added, “With Lee Kang-in’s transfer, the Mallorca club is expected to be able to earn about 20 million euros (approximately 29.1 billion won),” but added, “Lee Kang-in’s transfer will inevitably become another painful transfer to Mallorca.” .

Lee Kang-in from Mallorca. Photo = Getty Images

Lee Kang-in from Mallorca. Photo = Getty Images

Meanwhile, Lee Kang-in has recently been rumored to transfer to various clubs, including Atletico (AT) Madrid, Tottenham, Newcastle United, and Napoli. At Madrid, one of the top 3 in the Spanish Primera Liga, is actively seeking to recruit Lee Kang-in, and Lee Kang-in also wants to stay in Spain, making it the most likely destination for now.

However, Spain’s As has recently reported that AT Madrid is weighing ways to use Rodrigo Riquelme (Girona), who is currently on loan from youth, and Lee Kang-in’s recruitment. Riquelme is different from Lee Kang-in’s recruitment, which requires considerable investment, such as a buyout or a transfer fee including players, in that there is no transfer fee.

If AT Madrid’s recruitment of Lee Kang-in slows down, the locals are unanimous that Lee Kang-in will immediately turn his attention to overseas, such as the English Premier League (EPL). Recently, while Son Heung-min’s team, Tottenham, has emerged as a strong candidate, Napoli, where Kim Min-jae belongs, is also in the process of recruiting.

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