Lee Jung-hoo’s entry into the US begins in earnest… “We’ll talk tomorrow” Preview of meeting with Kiwoom

“I’ll talk to the club tomorrow.”

League MVP Lee Jung-hoo, who won 5 batting crowns (batting average, RBIs, hits, slugging percentage, on-base percentage) with the most hits (193) and RBIs (113), as well as first place in batting average (0.349), on-base percentage (0.421), and slugging percentage (0.575) in the 2022 season (24 Kiwoom Heroes) is planning to start a full-scale entry into the major leagues.

Lee Jung-hoo attended Kiwoom’s ‘Daily Charity Cafe’ held in Magok-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul on the 18th. This event, which was prepared voluntarily by the players, had a meaningful time by inviting 200 winners of the participation application and the first pitch of ‘Introducing My Hero’.

Lee Jung-hoo said, “I did a charity hop after the season in 2019. It was really fun at the time, so I planned to hold an event like this every year, but it was a pity that the situation didn’t work out. As I started again this year, I hope it will be an opportunity to hold this kind of event every year.”

While talking with the fans, Lee Jung-hoo was asked, ‘When are you going to enter the US?’, and answered, “I’ll talk to the club tomorrow.”

Lee Jung-hoo expressed his intention to advance to the major leagues several times during the season. In the All-Star Game held last July, they made it official to advance into the big leagues, and in an interview after the ‘2022 New D Day Work Plan’ ceremony held on the 8th, they also mentioned going abroad.

At the time, Lee Jung-hoo said, “(Going abroad) is not something that you think about. 안전놀이터 If you keep it in your heart and follow the rules, I think a good opportunity will come after next season.” The meeting with the club tomorrow (19th) will be the first step in advancing overseas.

On the other hand, Lee Jung-hoo has surpassed his limits this season by developing sophisticated hitting and long hitting power. In particular, he showed off his presence once again as the best hitter in the KBO League by reaching the realm of nonsense with an increase in home runs and a decrease in strikeouts.

Fans are already paying attention to when Lee Jung-hoo, who has become stronger, will show off his skills on the world’s best stage.