‘Lee Jeok Student Claim’ Yun Bit-garam shouted “motivation”, and the chief shouted “responsibility”

 ‘Motivation and responsibility.’

Suwon FC has a new captain for the 2023 season. Transfer student Yoon Bitgaram (32) will be the captain, and vice-captain will be Jung Jae-yong (32) and Lee Seung-woo (25). Suwon FC coach Kim Do-kyun entrusted the three players with a heavy responsibility after much thought, and announced this to the entire team prior to the field training that started in Chiang Mai, Thailand from the 4th.

It is extremely rare for a player who has transferred to take over as captain. A veteran player who knows the team well often becomes the captain, but this year’s Suwon FC was different. Suwon FC head coach Kim Do-gyun first gave the captain’s armband to Yoon Bit-garam. It was something that Yoon Bitgaram hadn’t thought of either, but he shouted ‘OK’. 스포츠토토

This is the first time since his professional debut. Yoon Bit-garam played the season as the first vice-captain last year when he was in Jeju, but was replaced during the season. It’s like wearing the captain’s armband in a new team in one season. Yoon Bit-garam, who met with this magazine in Thailand, said, “I was worried about whether I could do well. It was burdensome because I had to adapt to the team after I transferred, but it motivated me.”

Vice-captain Lee Seung-woo said, “The coach trusts (Bitgaram Yoon) that much, and there are many players of his age, so he seems to be comfortable with it.”

Director Kim talked about ‘responsibility’. Trust was at the base. He said, “(Compared to last year) the number of players has changed a lot. It also means a fresh start, and I left it (captain position) in the sense that Yoon Bitgaram, who came to our team with difficulty from Jeju, will take on more responsibility.”

As a captain, you have to lead the team. Yoon Bit-garam shouted ‘Happy Soccer’. He said, “Results are important, but I think good results will follow if you have fun playing with the players on the ground. I want him to be happy and have fun playing football.”

Suwon FC played a practice game against Shinsung University on the 14th. It was held in 3 quarters of 30 minutes each, and Yoon Bit-garam was put into the last quarter along with Lee Kwang-hyuk, the same ‘transfer student’. Standing in midfield, he showed off his soft ball control skills. He also excelled at passing forward. Every time he caught the ball, exclamations flowed from the bench. Lee Kwang-hyuk also showed off his presence. He broke the opponent’s defense by breaking through using his unique speed. On this day, Lee Kwang-hyeok completed a multi-goal.

Coach Kim said, “Realistically, the goal is to stay, but I told the players to prepare with the goal of achieving the best results. I’ve made it to 5th place, so I want to achieve more than that. I think it will not be impossible if we prepare well.”

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