Lee Hang-beom “What do you think is the charm of the NBA PO semifinals?”

“I think the NBA playoff conference finals that are currently unfolding are really well put together puzzles. It’s really fun to watch because the concept of West is West and East is Dongbu, and each has its own distinct color. It makes me wonder if there has ever been a showdown like this. Oh, of course it’s the same as Daejin three years ago… , I know that it has a rematch personality.

However,먹튀검증 compared to that time , the strength of the four teams has changed again, so I wonder if they will emerge as a hot potato among fans who remember that time.” “It is the most interesting team ever.” This is because teams with different team colors are clashing with each other with interesting stories added

. The Boston Celtics, it was a long time ago, and many classics fans think of both teams as the days of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, who, despite their somewhat undersized big man physique, saw point guards. There was nothing he couldn’t do, and the play style itself overflowed with splendor. Perhaps because of that leader’s color, the Lakers were a team that was so much fun to watch that they were called ‘Showtime.’ Bird, on the other hand, was a seasoned forward who played 3-4 times. But I remember that the members, including him, were players focused on substance rather than splendor. The Celtics team itself is also evaluated as having a strong classic feel. How come, aren’t they similar to both teams now?”

The current Lakers and Celtics may not be exactly the same as they were then, but they are similar in many ways. LeBron James (38‧206cm) was called a position destroyer like Magic at the time. He differs in that his primary position is small forward, but he does it all anyway and he is involved in all areas of the game. Just as a powerful big man named Kareem Abdul-Jabbara was with Magic, the part where Anthony Davis (30‧208cm) is working together as LeBron’s partner is also reminiscent of the Showtime days.

In the case of Boston, there is no overwhelming ace or leader like Bird at the time. However, the one-two punch of Jayson Tatum (25‧203cm) and Jaylen Brown (27‧198cm) is called the best swingman duo in the league. They are pursuing substantial basketball with good structure rather than splendor. From the image shown on the outside, the traditional Boston color is oozing out.

“The Lakers have consistently played a leading role except for a few special times. It’s like the New York Yankees in the major leagues. On the other hand, Boston went very well when it was going well, but sometimes the dark period was quite long. Anyway, both teams boast the highest reputation in the league, and because of that, most of them lead the topic in the playoffs… , Surprisingly, it seems to be in danger of being pushed to a supporting role so far.”

As President Lee Hang-beom said, it is true that the Lakers and Celtics are staggering. The topic is good, but in the playoffs where performance is important, they are being dragged 0-2 by the Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat, respectively. In the 4-out-of-7 matchup, the part that allowed 2 losses first is fatal. Given the momentum of the opposing team, it is expected that it will not be easy to overturn.

“Since some time ago, I tend to prefer players rather than teams, so there is no team I personally support. It’s because the charm that each has is different, so it’s different then. However, as I mentioned earlier, the colors of the 4 teams are so different that it is fun to watch. First of all, I prefer a player like Kyrie Irving who excels in dribbling and splendid skills, but there is no such type of ace on the team advancing to the semifinals. Still, I think the Lakers’ LeBron and Davis belong to the splendid axis. Lebron is aging and Davis is suffering from minor injuries, but the class is still alive.”

Then, I asked if he disliked Nicola Jokic (28‧211cm), who may be the farthest from splendor.

“I’m just not a fan, but I absolutely don’t hate it. I tend to respect it a lot. Where in the world is there a player who plays basketball like that? Although he is of a good size, he overcomes weaknesses such as athletic ability and mobility in the NBA stage full of monsters and uses his strengths to play an active role in the top ranks. I think this is very important. When I teach children, I often feel that each of them has a different innate talent. This friend is good at this but lacking in that, and that friend is lacking in that but good at this… , However, if you evaluate a player within a set framework or formula, you may end up unfairly inferior. “

Since I’m on the coaching side, it seems like it’s become a daily routine for me to think in relation to the teaching side even while watching basketball.

“For cases like Yokichi, whose athletic ability is not outstanding, the disadvantages may come to the eye first rather than the advantages. However, friends who have endured this and that for a long time have their own weapon no matter what. It can be strength, or it can be exceptionally good stamina. In the case of sense, it is an area that requires more careful attention because it is a problem that needs to be watched for a long time. Anyway, I think Yokichi is a person who gives inspiration and hope to friends around the world who lack athletic ability


“I think he is a really cool player. At first, I just wanted it to go well because of my unique personal story and always working hard and sincere appearance, but watching this playoff is really like watching Michael Jordan in his prime. Of course, it’s not that much, but I think it’s possible to summon at least a strong appearance in a big game and a reliable appearance in a clutch situation. There are many times when the distinctive mid-range jumper really feels like Jordan. If we lead Miami to the championship this season, won’t we listen to the low-end sound (laugh)

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