Lee Dong-gyeong, who returned goal after ‘608 days’, “I came to Ulsan to protect the championship”

 Ulsan Hyundai’s crazy left foot is back. Lee Dong-gyeong saved Ulsan from a losing streak.

In the 24th round of the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 held at Munsu Soccer Stadium at 7:30 pm on the 21st, Ulsan won a 2-1 victory over the elusive Jeju United thanks to consecutive goals by Kim Min-hyuk and Lee Dong-gyeong.

With this, Ulsan took the sole lead with 56 points. Lee Dong-kyung, who returned to Ulsan this summer after experiencing Germany’s Schalke 04 and Hanjaro Stok, presented a one-goal, one-help one-man show, giving the team three valuable points.

Lee Dong-kyung was substituted at the last minute of the second half in a home game against Incheon United on the 12th and digested his comeback. He was fading due to the team’s defeat, but he made expectations for the future by firing a fierce left-footed shot. After taking a break from the Suwon Samsung expedition on the 15th, he started as a starter in the match against Jeju.

Before the game, coach Hong Myung-bo said, “(Lee) Dong-gyeong’s body has improved a lot. Esaka Ataru is also in that position. Anyway, Donggyeong has to raise his body, so I put him up as a starter.”

Lee Dong-gyeong reciprocated the trust of director Hong Myung-bo. In the 29th minute of the first half, he helped Kim Min-hyeok’s opening goal with a sharp left-footed free kick from the diagonal of the opponent’s arc. In the 34th minute, after receiving a pass from Lee Myung-jae from a corner kick, he scored an additional goal with an exquisite left-footed kick from the arc. Thanks to Lee Dong-gyeong’s performance, Ulsan escaped from a 2-game losing streak and provided an opportunity to rebound.

Lee Dong-gyeong, whom we met at the scene, said, “I recently lost two matches in a row. He faced Jeju before a two-week break. I am happy to win a tough game,” he smiled.

Lee Dong-kyung ambitiously challenged the German stage, but failed to demonstrate his skills. So when he came to Ulsan, he worked even harder.

Lee Dong-gyeong said, “It was difficult going to Germany, but he learned a lot. Based on that, I came back to achieve the goal of winning with good players in a good team called Ulsan,” he said. The coach believed in me and gave me a chance. I’m glad I could repay you,” he said.

As he mentioned, he had a hiatus, so he needed to improve his body and mind. Coach Hong Myung-bo closely observed the coaching staff and worked together to find the image of Lee Dong-gyeong we knew.

He said, “Honestly, it was difficult. But when he plays the game, of course it has to be tough. He thought he could help the team that way. Doing my best is what I can do. He has to take good care of his body at all times because he never knows when an opportunity will come,” he said, vowing to fully prepare today and tomorrow.

Coincidentally, Lee Dong-kyung started scoring in the match against Jeju on November 21, 2021, before leaving Ulsan. This time against Jeju, he reported his comeback goal after 608 days. Ulsan has been equipped with one powerful attack option. Both assists and goals were impressive.

Lee Dong-kyung said, “I thought I would score the first goal after seeing my teammate, but (Kim) Min-hyuk scored it well.” During training, it didn’t suit me so much that the coach jokingly said, “You can’t do this either.” I was worried about whether I should do it, but I was happy that it worked well in the actual battle.”

As mentioned earlier, Lee Dong-kyung’s goal (winning) is clear. Last season, Ulsan tasted the top of the league for the first time in 17 years. Unfortunately, he accomplished the great task in his absence. It’s hard to become a champion, but it’s even harder to keep it.온라인바카라

“He’s trying to keep his place as a champion by training and learning with his great brothers. We are running in first place with the performance we want. I feel that the players are being rewarded,” he said. If we all work hard, I think there will be good results in the end.”

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