Lee Chang-ho, Dae Joo-bae appeared… Does the game of the senior game change?

Lee Chang-ho, 9th Dan, makes his first appearance in the Dae-ju-bae men’s and women’s strongest race. Daeju-bae changed the eligibility for male players aged 45 or older (including those born in 1978) this year from the method in which male players aged 50 or older and female players aged 30 or older were eligible to participate last year. It greatly eased the age limit for male seniors.

Born in 1975, Lee Chang-ho, 9th Dan, is 48 years old. Choi Myeong-hoon, Yang Geon, Lee Sang-hoon (small) 9 dan, Kim Seung-jun and Lee Sang-hoon (large) 9 dan, born in 1973, Kim Young-sam and Yoon Hyeon-seok 9 dan, born in 1974, Seo Moo-sang and Lee Seong-jae 9 dan, born in 1978, and Baek Dae-hyun 9 dan, born in 1978. The total number of participants is 88, an increase of 8 from the previous term.

Lee Chang-ho, 9th Dan, has been participating in the senior group (45 years old or older) in the Samsung Fire & Marine Plantation World Baduk Masters since 2020. In the past, Jo Hoon-hyeon and Seo Neung-wook 9th dan won the championship twice, and Cho Chi-hun, Choi Gyu-byung, Cho Hye-yeon, Seo Bong-soo and Kim Hye-min 9th dan won once each.

This year, the 10th season, begins on the 17th and selects 12 finalists through preliminary rounds until the 19th. The two finalists (Kim Hye-min and Lee Min-jin) and two sponsor seeds (announced after the preliminary round) join the final round, which competes for the championship in the round of 16 tournament. The prize money is 15 million won. 메이저놀이터

The return match between Byeon Sang-il and Choi Jeong failed. On the afternoon of the 15th at the Baduk TV studio, Song Ji-hoon 8th Dan defeated Choi Jeong 9th Dan in the 2nd round of Group 2 of the Round of 32 Double Elimination at the 2nd 5 67 Joint Timing Korea Origin Championships.

After making 203 moves for 4 hours, it ended with Choi Jeong-9, who was prepared to be imprisoned. Song Ji-hoon, 8th Dan, commented, “It was difficult in the beginning, and I thought it was okay in the middle, but it was difficult because I didn’t know how many houses were good.”

In 2019, he won the second win in the opponent’s match after disinherited in the round of 16 of the domestic pro tournament in the Guksu Mountains. Song Ji-Hoon 8P competes with Byeon Sang-Il 9P for the ticket to the round of 16 in the winner’s match. Choi Jeong, 9th Dan, is aiming for a revival in the match against Oh Byung-woo, 5th Dan.

Double elimination in every round until the semi-finals, followed by the 5th round of the finals to compete for the championship. The prize money for the 2nd 5 6-7 Joint Timing Korea Kiwon Championships is 50 million won for the winner and 20 million won for the runner-up.

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