Leaving Liverpool → Released after a year, “Serie A’s worst sign”

 It is an old saying that he is strong in a big game and gives one shot at a time when necessary. Divock Origi (28), a striker full of flaws, is packing his bags at AC Milan after a year.

Origi has been with Liverpool for eight years,카지노사이트 making over 175 official appearances. In the 2018/2019 season, he scored miraculous goals in the Champions League semifinals with FC Barcelona and in the finals with Tottenham Hotspur, helping to lift the Big Ear.

After last season, Origi took on a new challenge at Milan after taking the end of his accompaniment with Liverpool. It was a card to ease the burden of Olivier Giroud, a 36-year-old veteran, but he was anxious before the start. As soon as he transferred, he was injured and could not digest the preseason properly. Even after the opening, his form did not rise.

The British Daily Mail, who watched this at the time, said, “Origi is the worst signing in Serie A this season. At the age of 27, if you are a striker, you should be at your peak, but you are already walking downhill.”

This criticism did not change much. Origi reported his debut goal against Monza on October 23 last year, and has not scored since the match against Sassuolo on January 29 this year. He has 2 goals and 1 assist in 26 league appearances. Giroud, his older brother, played in 30 league games and scored 8 goals and 5 assists. AC Milan has achieved the Champions League quarterfinal legend, but Origi has not contributed anything. Recruitment failed.

Italy’s Calciomercato said on the 18th, “Milan plans to listen to Origi’s offer. In the past few days, he has received inquiries from Turkiye teams (Besik Tasi JK, Fenerbahce, etc.).”

Origi’s contract expires in June 2026. The media was confident that “Origi will part ways with Milan this summer.” When he left Liverpool, it became clear that he was uncompetitive.

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