“Last year’s PS failure is my fault?” Anger at Burns club, 2 years left in free agency

Milwaukee Brewers Corbin Burns, who lost in the salary adjustment referee, is controversial by revealing a strong sense of disappointment in the club. In particular, Burns exploded in anger, saying that the club blamed him for not advancing to the postseason last year.

On the 17th (Korean time), Burns had an interview with local media in Phoenix, Arizona, where the spring training camp was set up. At this meeting, he expressed his position and feelings about the salary adjustment hearing, which was the result of the previous day.

He said, “A player wants to know his true value. I worked hard for this team for the past 7 years and 5 years in the big leagues. “I was thinking. It’s hard to just listen, and it’s hard to accept,” he said. “The club tried very hard to beat me in the hearing. However, winning and losing left my disappointment beyond that.”

The Salary Adjustment Committee adopted the $10.01 million offered by Milwaukee the previous day as Burns’ annual salary for the season. Burns submitted $10.75 million. It was a difference of only $740,000. Analysts say that Milwaukee’s slight increase of 10,000 dollars, not 10 million dollars, is a detailed strategy to win.

“I’ve heard things that startle me,” Burns said. “For example, they said that the number one reason we failed in the postseason last year was because of me. That’s something you shouldn’t be saying.”

Milwaukee was eliminated without even getting a wild card as it finished second in the Central Division of the National League with 86먹튀검증 wins and 76 losses last season. It was 7 games behind the district leader St. Louis Cardinals. Fall baseball, which lasted until 2021, has stopped for four consecutive years.

Burns won the National League Cy Young Award in 2021 with an 11-5 record, a 2.43 ERA, and 234 strikeouts. Last season, he appeared in 33 games and played his part with 12 wins and 8 losses, an average ERA of 2.94 and 243 strikeouts. He was first in the National League in strikeouts and first in all major league starts.

Burns, who has played 4 full-time seasons, will qualify for free agency if he completes the season this year and next year. Usually, a long-term contract is signed with the 3rd or 4th year Ace during the salary adjustment period, but Milwaukee and Burns seem to have failed to reach an agreement in this area.

MLB.com said, “According to Burns, the two sides barely negotiated a salary. It is a general strategy of clubs to prepare for hearings after exchanging annual salaries,” he said. “There are exceptional cases of signing multi-year contracts, but Milwaukee presented Burns with a 2024 option ahead of the hearing. But Burns said he rejected it because he decided it didn’t fit his values.

“My relationship with the club has definitely changed after going through this,” Burns said. Now I know what it means to work harder so that these people can recognize your value.”

Milwaukee President Matt Arnold said in a press release that day, “Salary adjustments are inherently inconvenient for both the club and the players. It is never easy to fight against the large Brewers family.” “I want to emphasize that the major leagues value him as a player of outstanding skill. He has made a great contribution to our club both on and off the field. I look forward to another great season from him this year.”

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