‘Kwontojungrae’ Um Ji-seong, “Now I know what to do in the stadium”

Gwangju FC’s franchise star Um Ji-seong returns to the K-League 1 with the heart of ‘Kwontojungrae’.

Gwangju FC held a press conference for the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp at 10 am on the 8th at the Barev Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju Island.

Gwangju achieved overwhelming results in the K-League 2 last season. Coach Lee Jeong-hyo, who confirmed the K-League 2 championship in the shortest period of time with a unique record of 25 wins, 11 draws and 4 losses, set a new record for K-League 2 most wins and most points (previous 20 wins, 73 points) and K League 2 most consecutive home wins (10 consecutive wins). ), rewrote numerous records, such as winning against all clubs at home.

Now, I challenge K-League 1. After being relegated to the bottom in K-League 1 in the 2021 season, he succeeded in rebounding immediately after one season and achieved direct promotion with the championship. Gwangju, which succeeded in promotion thanks to coach Lee Jung-hyo’s leadership and players’ strong organizational skills, is ready to create a stir in the K-League 1 by continuing the winning spirit this season.

Head coach Lee Jeong-hyo also shouted ‘attack forward’ in the K-League 2. At a press conference held on the 8th, coach Lee said, “What will be left if I lose while defending against teams like Ulsan, Jeonbuk, Jeju, and Seoul in the K League 1? Rather, if I attack and lose, there is something left.” I will do it,” he said, revealing his belief in attack football.

Um Ji-seong is at the forefront of Gwangju’s offensive soccer. After graduating from Kumho High School in Gwangju, Um Ji-seong went straight to the pros and drew attention in the first division of the 2021 season. Last year, he also won the Young Player Award while recording 9 goals and 1 assist in the K League 2. He also stepped on the national team by age group and wore the Taegeuk mark.

Um Ji-seong, who returned to the K-League 1 after two years, was more mature. He himself was feeling it too. Um Ji-seong said, “Two years ago, when I made my debut, I can’t remember what I did during the 20 minutes I played in the stadium. But now, I know what I have to do in the stadium. That part is different.”

Gwangju’s franchise star Um Ji-seong, who has been upgraded with the heart of Kwon To-jung-rae, is full of confidence.

[Below, Gwangju FC Um Ji-seong Press Conference Q&A]

First of all,

Gwangju is working hard in the off-season training in Jeju, and it is going well. If I prepare well, I think I will be able to be competitive enough in the K-League 1 and achieve good results.

Personal goal

Last year in 온라인바카라the K-League 2, I aimed for 10 attack points, but this year I am aiming for more because I am competing with better players. If I set a number, I can settle for it, so I try to do my best to the end without setting a number.

Face-to-face with Um Won-sang, who was on the same team before.

Last year, I stood on the left and (Eom) Won-sang-hyung stood on the right. I’m excited. I am excited and excited because he is a player I admired. However, I will do my best not to lose because I will meet player-to-player on the pitch.

I run into Um Won-sang, who ate rice in a pot in Gwangju.

In the last interview, I said that I use my left foot better, but this time I will show you in the stadium rather than words.

The coach emphasizes attacking football. What kind of soccer do you want to play in K-League 1

? The players seem to follow the football the coach wants, so I think we can show more aggressive football this season than last year.

You played in the K-League 1 in your debut season. What has improved since then?

When I made my debut, I can’t remember what I did during the 20 minutes I played in the stadium. But now more than then, I know what I have to do on the pitch. That part is different.

What is the most memorable thing the coach said to the players?

He always tells us not to settle down. If you score one goal, you are told to score two goals, three goals, four goals. You’ve been saying this since last year. Because I’ve heard that when I score a goal, I show signs of being lazy. I think I need to supplement that part more this year. I think that will help the team and contribute to the victory point.

The coach is trying to get a lot of players to go to the national team. What is your passion for the national team?

It is a dream for all players. This is because there is a age limit and it is a great honor to represent Korea. As a player, of course, you can’t stop thinking and it acts as a motivator. I think that such an opportunity will come only when I show a good performance in K-League 1, and I try to do it.

In terms of performance, if there is anything that I have improved myself,

it seems that following the game tempo has changed. I don’t know what I did in my debut season, but I think I can show more offensively this time.

The field training team

is working in a good atmosphere. Senior hyungs helped me through good times and bad times, so I was able to get good results, and thanks to the younger players who helped me while sacrificing in front, I was able to spend good results and seasons together.

There is a signature ceremony that expresses ‘Umji’ and ‘Castle’,

which I intend to do throughout my life as a soccer player, but if there is a better and more meaningful ceremony, I am willing to change it.

Looking at peers such as Jeong Sang-bin and Yang Hyun-joon, they are not impatient,

but they are cheering them on. I’ve been in the spotlight before, so I know how meaningful it is. They cheered us on thinking that if we worked harder together, we would be able to meet at a higher level.

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