Kwon Soon-woo, ‘Korean tennis star’, reaches the finals of the second tour of his life at Adelaide International

 Kwon Soon-woo (#84 in the world rankings, Dangjin City Hall), the ‘Korean tennis star’, settled in the men’s professional tennis (ATP) tour finals. He goes on a hunt for the second championship in his personal career.

Kwon Soon-woo defeated Jack Draper (40th, England) 2-1 (7-6〈7-6〉 6-7 (2 -7> 6-3)

Kwon Soon-woo, who reached the final, won the top spot on the 14th with the winner of the semifinals between Seonashi Kokinakis (110th, Australia) and Robebro Bautista Agut (26th, Spain).

Kwon Soon-woo made it to the tour finals for the second time in his career and about a year and four months after the Astana Open in September 2021. Kwon Soon-woo, who reported his first adult championship 먹튀검증

in his life at the Astana Open, challenges his second personal career victory. .Kwon Soon-woo, who clashed with Draper in the first round of the

previous tournament and lost 0-2, succeeded in revenge in the return match.The

Adelaide stage is the lowest-rated tournament on the ATP Tour.

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