Korean figures like Lim Joo-heon ‘Short No. 1’…’Hwasubun’

In the men’s junior grand prix, 17-year-old Lim Joo-heon took first place in the short program. The Korean figure scene is bursting at the seams with promise.

Starting his first international performance to an insert from the movie Moulin Rouge, Lim Joo-heon landed his first jump triple axel effortlessly and earned extra points for his next three jumps.

His landing on his final triple lutz was a little wobbly, but all three of his spin assignments received top marks as well, and he was all smiles after his performance.먹튀검증

[Lim turns 18 next Friday and gave himself an early birthday present with a solid short program].

With a short program of 75.38 points, she matched her personal best from her Junior Grand Prix debut and took first place, 1.34 points ahead of the Japanese athlete.

Lim, who broke her right ankle twice in her younger years, had to return her Taekwondo medal after breaking her ankle again in training last season after qualifying for the national team, but she overcame a grueling rehabilitation to earn a medal in her belated Junior Grand Prix debut.

With the previous wins by Shin Jia in the women’s singles and Shin Min-kyu in the men’s singles, South Korea has now won seven medals in three events this season, and another promising youngster has emerged from the literal ‘hwasubun’ of Korean figures.

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