Korean Air, a joint venture between Jeong Ji-seok and Lincoln, achieves ‘V4’ to win the championship game

Korean Air, a men’s professional volleyball team, has a 4th star engraved on its uniform. On the 3rd, Korean Air played an away game in the third leg of the 2022-23 season Dodram V-League Championship (3 wins in 5 matches) against Hyundai Capital at Cheonan Yu Gwan-sun Gymnasium.

Korean Air won a dramatic turnaround victory that day. 메이저놀이터After a close battle going to the full set, he won 3-2 (23-25 ​​13-25 25-22 25-17 15-11). Korean Air gave away sets 1 and 2 first and was dragged away, but showed back-and-forth by winning sets 3-5.

With this victory, Korean Air lifted the championship trophy with three wins in the series. In addition, from the 2020-21 season, they also achieved integrated championships for three consecutive seasons. It is the second time in men’s career after Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in 2009-2011.

Korean Air did its part, with ‘Jupo’ Lincoln (Australia) scoring 34 points, the most of the two teams combined, and Jung Ji-seok scoring 17 points, including 5 sub-aces. In Hyundai Capital, Heo Soo-bong scored 20 points, Oreol (Cuba) 16 points, and Kim Seon-ho 11 points.

Hyundai Capital took the initiative. The first set was tight until the second half. Points were exchanged with each other, leading to reversals and ties.

In the 22-22 situation, Hyundai Capital scored consecutive points. Oreol’s attempt at a quick open was successful and led again 23-22. In the next rally, Oreol’s open attack worked and Hyundai Capital led the set point with 24-22.

Korean Air followed 23-24 due to Kim Myung-gwan’s serve, but Hyundai Capital scored a set match with Heo Soo-bong’s spike.

Hyundai Capital, which gained momentum, also brought the second set. In the early and middle of the set, Kim Seon-ho’s serve ace led to an 11-5 score. Hyundai Capital did not break the flow caught at this time and finished the match relatively easily.

Korean Air, which lost two sets in a row, made up for the third set. The pursuit of Hyundai Capital was also fierce. In a 6-6 situation, Korean Air took a 7-6 lead with Jeong Ji-seok’s serve, and then maintained a 2-3 lead to 19-16.

However, Hyundai Capital started the chase from this point on, and Park Sang-ha’s fast attack, Heo Soo-bong’s spike, and Park Sang-ha’s push attack turned the score around 20-19 in the second half of the set. However, Korean Air was different from the previous two sets.

After blocking Kim Myung-gwan’s two-step pass painting, Lincoln’s attack took the lead again, 22-20, and won the set. Korean Air took a breather and dragged the fight to the final 5th set.

With the start of the 4th set, they scored consecutively and led to 7-0. When the score gap could not be narrowed until the middle of the set, the Hyundai Capital bench prepared for the final set by replacing Heo Soo-bong, Oreol, Kim Seon-ho, and Moon Seong-min.

Korean Air had a good start in the 5th set. Jeong Ji-seok’s serve ace took the lead 3-1 in the first half. Hyundai Capital caught up with Oreol and Kim Seon-ho, but Korean Air beat back 8-5 with Jung Ji-seok’s back attack, Kim Kyu-min’s blocking, and Kwak Seung-seok’s serve.

Korean Air continued its upward trend. Following Cho Jae-young’s quick attack, Jung Ji-seok succeeded in sub-ace once again, making the score 13-7 and solidifying the set victory. Hyundai Capital did not sit still. With Heo Soo-bong at the forefront, he scored consecutively and followed 10-13.

However, the protagonist of the spring volleyball ‘last game’ became Korean Air. In the next rally, Oreol’s serve was out, and Korean Air led the match point 14-10. As the spike hit by Lincoln was blocked, Korean Air confirmed its 4th championship victory in the team’s career.

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