Korea-Japan match with pride, Japanese fighters dreaming of conquering Road FC

The Japanese fighters ahead of the Korea-Japan match are fully prepared for the invasion of Road FC.

Big matches will be held at Goobne ROAD FC 063, which will be held on the 25th at Goyang Gymnasium. In this tournament, tension is rising as two matches between Korea and Japan are played out.

Koki Hirasawa (25, FREE)토토사이트, who is the opponent of Ji-Yong Yang (26, Jeju Team The King), who has won 6 consecutive wins, is holding on to the 2023 global tournament seed rights. This tournament is considered important because if Koki Hirasawa wins, he will be closer to a tournament seed.

“Yang Ji-yong is undefeated. However, it is a very timid fighting style. Jiyong Yang will taste his first give-up defeat with an aggressive style he has not tasted yet. I will definitely win with a finish,” said Koki Hirasawa with confidence.

Bae Dong-Hyun (38, Team Finish) and Sekino Taisei (23, FREE), who had been fighting a war of nerves through a war of words before the game, are also burning their fighting spirit as they go to the Korea-Japan match. Sekino Taisei, who dreams of conquering the road FC heavyweight division, is preparing to defeat Donghyun Bae.

“Are you prepared to sink into the mat? Let’s have a fun game,” Sekino Taisei warned Bae Dong-hyun.

Also, Sekino Taisei said, “Since I haven’t won a pro title yet, I want to have a belt anyway. I want to show my skills by fighting light heavyweight champion Tae-in Kim or Gun-oh Shim.”

Meanwhile, Road FC will hold Goobne ROAD FC 063 at the Goyang Gymnasium on the 25th. Part 1 is scheduled to start at 4 pm and part 2 at 6 pm, and will be broadcast on SPOTV, Afreeca TV, Daum Sports, and Kakao TV.

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