Klinsmann finds K League scene after three months…authenticity is a ‘question mark’

Jürgen Klinsmann, the head coach of the German national soccer team, has returned to the K League. It’s been three months since his last appearance in June. However, it’s unclear whether this is the first step toward a “different” Klinsmann. As the decision to return home was not voluntary in the first place, the sincerity of his reasons for visiting the K League scene is also questionable.

On June 14, Klinsmann returned home from an away trial in Europe, and on June 16, he visited Jeonju World Cup Stadium (Jeonbuk-Gangwon) and Seoul World Cup Stadium (Seoul-Gwangju) to watch two K League matches. It had been three months since he watched the super match between Suwon and Seoul at Suwon World Cup Stadium on June 24.온라인카지노

Of course, the national team manager’s visit to the K League has always been a hot topic. It has always been an issue in itself when the national team coaching staff, including former coach Paulo Bento (Portugal), watched a game in a K League stadium. However, when previous coaches have visited K League games, the focus has been strictly on which players they came to see. No other national team manager has ever made a splash like Klinsmann did by visiting a K League game. It’s a bittersweet reality.

Klinsmann has been embroiled in the so-called stay-at-home/play-away controversy, and in the process, the K League has taken a backseat. Klinsmann, who promised to stay in Korea when he took over, actually spent most of his time overseas, either at home in the United States or in Europe. In half a year, he spent only about 70 days in Korea.

The K League has been on a roll since Klinsmann’s appointment, but it’s hard to understand why the national team coach has only been on the scene for three months. In the meantime, Coach Cha Doo-ri (former technical advisor) and former coach Michael Kim have been in charge of the K League. In the meantime, Klinsmann was busy commenting on the European soccer transfer market and players from his home in the United States. This was the reason why the home-away-from-home controversy turned into a negligence controversy.

South Korea men’s national soccer team coach Jürgen Klinsmann, who won his debut match in September, answers questions from reporters at Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 on Thursday afternoon. Yonhap News Agency

However, it is difficult to expect that this trip to the K League will lead to a change in Klinsmann. If we look back at the process of returning to Korea in the first place, it is widely believed that this K League game was just a ‘show’. In fact, Klinsmann had no plans to return in September. Despite the harsh criticism directed at him, he did not return home after the A-match trials in Europe and planned to stay in Europe to watch Kim Min-jae’s team, Bayern Munich, play. Initially, Klinsmann’s plans for September did not include a trip to the K League.

The decision to travel to Korea was made at the request of the Korean Football Association (KFA). “I came because you asked me to come,” Klinsmann laughed at the time of his return interview, then explained, “The KFA told me that a lot of reporters are waiting for the national team when they come back from an overseas trip, so I asked if I could come back with the players and do an interview.” Even this return was at the request of the KFA, not at their own discretion, so we can’t help but doubt the authenticity of the weekend’s visit to the K League site.

There is only one way to resolve the controversy: to continue to visit the K League and show that he has changed. The problem is, it’s hard to see that happening at this point. “I have a schedule to keep going back and forth (overseas), and there are games in Europe that I need to observe,” Klinsmann said in an interview upon his return. He left himself open to the possibility that he could be traveling again soon.

Klinsmann has been at the center of controversy for seemingly downplaying his time in Korea and watching the league firsthand, but he hasn’t made any promises to change his behavior, instead asking that people “not create negative public opinion.” If you expect a reversal of public opinion by watching two K League games in three months, you are hoping in vain. Fans can’t be cold for no reason.

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