Kiwoom’s team visits Chase Field… Rookie Kim Gun-hee “Grow a bigger dream”

Kiwoom Heroes players visited Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

On the 8th먹튀검증 (local time), the Kiwoom team, which is undergoing spring camp in Arizona, USA, visited Chase Field, the home stadium of the Arizona Diamondbacks, and had a tour time on the 8th (local time).

The team toured the spaces used by major league players, including dugouts, locker rooms, and grounds, guided by Kevin, the tour manager of the Arizona club. We also heard about the history of Chase Field and the hidden stories of the major spaces in the stadium.

Rookie Kim Kun-hee said, “Even though it is a dome stadium, the inside was very large and grand. I felt excited when I stood on the ground where major league players play.”

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