Kim Seo-hyun, who shed tears in the ‘SNS incident’, reflected on the hat… what was the content

 It was like she had already shed tears once. When an official from the Hanwha club explained, “I showed tears once during the team meeting,” I understood. It was as if a completely different player was standing in front of the reporters from the time of his first bullpen pitching.

He earned the honor of being the 1st overall pick in the 2023 Rookie Draft. He also received a down payment of 500 million won. He proudly said that he wanted to be the best finishing pitcher in the league. Hanwha fans applauded his spirit. In his first bullpen pitching, he confirmed that expectations were not too high by throwing a fastball with a maximum speed of 151 km/h. But the fall was fleeting. A completely different scenario unfolded when the private social network service (SNS) was released.

He complained about his coach’s methods and expressed his dissatisfaction with the fans. He is not mature, no matter how private the account is. In the end, after much thought, Hanwha issued a disciplinary punishment of 3 days of training exclusion and a fine of 5 million won. The up-and-comer was a wreck before his first season even started. He was wrong, so he had nowhere to complain.

Excluding the 3-day training and the 4-day probation period until the rest day, Kim Seo-hyun went to each room and토토사이트 asked for forgiveness from her seniors. In the process, he got scolded and received advice. Seohyun Kim summarized this and engraved it on his hat. When he puts on his uniform, when he puts on his cap, he shows his will to see every time and take all his heart.

It was clear that the inscription on the hat had been written recently. The lessons learned from the recent incident were written. “Let’s mature”, “Let’s reflect”, and “Take care of the people who help us!” were written on it. Crucially, the phrase “There is no player greater than the team” caught my eye. This was what Hanwha coach Carlos Subero said when disciplining Kim Seo-hyun.

Kim Seo-hyun said that she was acutely aware of her wrongdoing and reflected on this situation. He said he “had no excuses” and even said he was “irregular” over himself. During his disciplinary period, he briefly said that “it was a mistake” for clicking ‘Like’ on the club’s social media. Kim Seo-hyun pledged, “Before I was a baseball player, I became basic and I will come back as a more mature person than I am now.”

Perhaps the answer lies in Subero’s words. Everyone makes mistakes. However, whether or not you learn from the mistake determines the person’s life. Kim Seo-hyun made a mistake, and now a lot depends on whether he becomes the one who repeats it or he learns a lot from it and becomes the one who doesn’t make the same mistake anymore.

At least if you check the words written on your hat every day and act like that, you will be able to become a ‘person’ and ‘player’ without any major problems. Then, one day, even angry fans might open their hearts.

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