Kim Sang-soo waves a folder to the crowd, and the fans at first and third base applaud… This is romantic baseball

Kim Sang-soo, number 7 in a black KT away jersey, walked out of the dugout on the first base side of Daegu Samsung Lions Park. He raised his helmet and bowed to first, third, and center field as he entered the batter’s box. It was a thank you to the Samsung fans.메이저놀이터

Kim Sang-soo played second base in the away game against Samsung at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on June 26. Before batting in the first inning, Kim, who played for Samsung from his professional debut in 2009 until last year, thanked the Daegu Samsung fans for their support.

The fans also greeted Kim with generous applause. The fans cheered him on from the first and third base stands, an unusual scene that showed how special he was to them.

In the first inning, Kim stepped up to the plate with the bases loaded and faced Samsung starter Yang Chang-seop on a 1B-1S count with a three-pitch slider. The ball was caught by right fielder Koo Ja-uk. Koo and Kim are as close as brothers.

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