Kim Bo-mi with 101 points, Mi-rae Mi-rae who hit the last line of the series, and Kim Jin-ah with 59 points in the round of 32. Kim Se-yeon and Lee Woo-kyung eliminated – Wellbang LPBA Championship

Kim Bo-mi scored 101 points and advanced to the round of 32 as the overall leader, and Lee Mi-rae pulled up with the last cue. Kim Jin-ah passed the round of 64 in 2nd place, but Kim Se-yeon, the king of multiple awards, was eliminated after finishing in 4th place.

Lee Mi-rae almost died but came back to life. Lee Mi-rae shot two consecutive hits in the last cue of the 21st inning in the round of 64 survival match of the ‘2023 Wellbang LPBA Championship’ held on the 17th (Goyang Bitmaru Broadcasting Support Center), took second place in the reverse, and advanced to the round of 32.

The score before the queue was 46 points. Park Soo-ah was 50 points. Since they were trailing 5-4 on the high run, they were eliminated even if they hit one stroke.

Survival depended on the last shot. Fortunately, she got a decent ball. Lee Mi-rae, who hit a single stroke to tie the score, hit another stroke to mark second place. Park Soo-ah was an empty hitter.

Kim Bo-mi scored 101 points after sprinting for an unrivaled first place, hitting 5 consecutive hits each in the second half of the first half. He scored as high as 105 points, but lost 4 points because runner-up Oh Ji-yeon hit a bank shot at the last minute. 먹튀검증

Kim Gap-seon also narrowly survived. Four people were at most one car. 1st place Park Ji-hyeon was one stroke ahead with 53 points, and Kim Gap-seon, Hwang Min-ji, and Kim Myung-hee scored the same 49 points.

A situation where you have to cover the rankings with a high run. Kim Gap-seon was 3, but both were 2.

Kim Jin-ah seemed to have adapted to her survival system now. She was second behind Lim Kyung-jin, but she generously shook off Hwang Da-yeon and Japan’s Kobayashi.

Kim Se-yeon was in second place with a little margin until the 14th inning in the second half. Lee Yu-joo and Lee Hyang-joo were tied for third place with 54:42. However, after that, it was repeatedly hit and eventually slipped as it came to the bottom.

Lee Woo-gyeong, who was in the semifinals of the previous tournament, also fell sharply, finishing fourth with 22 points.

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