KCC Heo Ung ruptured two ligaments in his right ankle… virtually out of the regular season

Heo Woong (30) of Jeonju KCC, who suffered an ankle injury in a game, will be out of action for two months due to a ligament injury.

On the 10th, a KCC official said, “As a result of the examination, Heo Woong was diagnosed with two torn ligaments in his right ankle. He expects to take about eight weeks to recover.”

He went on to explain, “It is difficult to accurately confirm the condition because the ankle area is still very swollen, but I decided not to토토사이트 undergo surgery.”

Previously, Heo Woong suffered an ankle injury in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball Round 5 match against Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Phoebus held at Jeonju Gymnasium the day before.

Heo Woong, who tried to break through in the 3rd minute of the 2nd quarter, sprained his right ankle severely while landing and fell down. Heo Woong, who collapsed, complained of excruciating pain and left the court on a stretcher.

Previously, Heo Woong injured his left ankle in 2020 while playing for Wonju DB and underwent ankle ligament reconstruction and bone fragmentation surgery, but this time he met the bad news of a right ankle injury.

Afterwards, Heo Woong spent a considerable amount of time regaining his shooting sense.

As for KCC, we prepared for this season by ambitiously recruiting Lee Seung-hyun and Heo Woong from the FA market in Stove League, but it was regrettable. Lee Seung-hyun is currently out due to an elbow injury, and as Heo Woong is also absent, KCC is in an emergency to advance to the playoffs.

Currently, KCC is in 6th place (17 wins, 21 losses), the last line to advance to the playoffs (PO).

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