KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin “I had no luck. One shot outside the box was the difference between the game and the game.”

“It’s a game that can’t be said even if we lose.”

Even in an inferior situation, the home team, Jeonju KCC, properly showed the home fans what a ‘game they did their best’ was like. Against Anyang KGC, the league’s sole leader, they overcame an overwhelming inferiority in the early stages and led the game in the middle.

The players ran really hard as coach Jeon Chang-jin wished. Ronde Hollis Jefferson showed off his formidable scoring ability. In this way, it seemed to be successful in escaping from 4 consecutive losses by catching ‘big fish’. At least that was the case with the last 50 seconds left. KCC was ahead by 4 points. However, KGC’s potential was scary. He scored 6 points in 50 seconds and achieved a dramatic reversal. KCC lost 81 to 83 in the home game 메이저사이트 against SKT Adot Professional Basketball KGC 2022-2023 held at Jeonju Gymnasium on the 1st.

After the match, former coach Jeon said, “Luck didn’t follow. At the last minute, the opponent made a 3-point shot, but we didn’t. The players worked hard and did their best. Even if we lost, it was a game where we couldn’t say anything to the players.” made an evaluation. It was a game that is commonly referred to as ‘I lost but fought well’.

Next, coach Jeon said, “Jefferson showed explosive scoring power. Chang-young Jeong also did a lot of dirty work as a senior,” he said. It’s unfortunate that this happened,” he said. KCC had the right to attack in the last 18 seconds, behind by 2 points.

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