KBO Suspends Seo Jun-won’s participation in sex crime charges… Even if you come out innocent, it’s hard to come back.

On the 28th, the KBO announced, “Lotte Seo Jun-won, who was accused of violating the Act on the Protection of Sexuality for Children and Youth, was suspended from participating in accordance with Article 152, Paragraph 5 of the KBO Rules.”메이저사이트

The player cannot participate in any club activities (training, games) until the disposition is completed according to the disposition of suspension of participation activities.

KBO plans to hold a reward and punishment committee to review whether to terminate the suspension of participation activities and final sanctions once the facts are confirmed according to the judgment of the judicial body in the future.

The KBO regulations related to the suspension of participation activities are Article 152, Paragraph 5. The relevant rules are set forth in <In case the governor recognizes the fact of each subparagraph of Article 148 [Cheating Act] or Article 151 [Damaging Dignity], or in the process of reporting and confirming the facts, it is recognized that there is a hindrance to the performance of the relevant duties Participation activities (duties) may be suspended until sanctions are decided on the relevant person.>

Then, what will happen if Seo Jun-won is found not guilty?

First of all, the KBO has a possibility of lifting the suspension of participation activities if Seo Jun-won is acquitted. This is because it is not easy to punish a player who has been found not guilty twice.

Of course, strong disciplinary action can be given for reasons such as damage to dignity, but there are some areas where it is difficult to make a decision because there is a possibility of legal dispute.

In the meantime, the KBO has made a decision to avoid disputes as much as possible in cases where there is a possibility of legal dispute.

However, it is unknown whether Seo Jun-won can easily return to the KBO league. This is because the clubs still have a choice.

The head of team A said, “It should be seen that the mere fact that it was involved in a sex crime dealt a fatal blow to the image. Even if they are acquitted, the mere fact that they were involved will inevitably make them reluctant to recruit. Lotte is the only club related to Seo Jun-won, and it is unclear whether Lotte will take the burden and lift the disciplinary action. Isn’t there a case of Kim Sang-hyun (former kt)? Being involved in sex crimes is fatal to the image.”

The head of Team B also said, “I think Lotte is the only club that can reach out if discipline is lifted. I don’t think it’s something other clubs will step up. However, it will not be easy for Lotte to lift the punishment. Because you can’t help but think of the image. Sex crimes can be fatal to an image. In addition, Seo Jun-won has thoroughly concealed the prosecution from Lotte. It means that the club has been hit hard in the back of the head. I don’t think Lotte will forgive him easily. It doesn’t seem easy to break the punishment,” he said.

In conclusion, it is very difficult for Seo Jun-won to play baseball again. It should be seen that the fact that they were involved in sex crimes, not other problems, has given up their attachment to Seo Jun-won.

Although Lotte remains, it is more likely that Lotte will not be able to move easily either.

Seo Jun-won’s talent is a waste, but at present, the possibility of his return seems to be close to zero.

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