‘Kang In-ah, I’ll go first’… Majorca MF, FA → 2-year contract with Bilbao

The key midfielder who was in charge of Mallorca’s midfield along with Lee Kang-in left the team first.

Athletic Club Bilbao announced the signing of Inigo Luis de Galareta through the club’s official website on the 8th (Korean time). Bilbao said, “Galareta, who grew up in the club’s youth team, has returned. He will play for the club for two years until June 2025.”메이저놀이터

De Galareta was a key midfielder in charge of Mallorca’s midfield along with Lee Kang-in this season. Despite struggling with injuries at the beginning of the season, he played in 30 league matches, starting 28 of them, and was active as a regular.

Although he did not produce many attack points, he maintained possession with stable ball control and played a role as a link between offense and defense with accurate passes, helping Mallorca to rise to ninth place in the league.

De Galareta, who had been contracted with Mallorca until this summer, has been linked to Bilbao since last winter, and eventually became a free agent and wore a Bilbao uniform without a transfer fee.

De Galareta, who was likely to leave the team along with Lee Kang-in this summer, left Mallorca before Lee Kang-in.

Meanwhile, Lee Kang-in has achieved a career high with 6 goals and 6 assists this season, and is receiving attention from numerous teams.

Atletico Madrid, which is called the top 3 of La Liga along with Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​is showing great interest in Lee Kang-in, and in the Premier League, Newcastle United and Aston Villa are mentioned.

It is also known that Seville and Real Betis, which represent Andalusia, Spain, are considering signing Lee Kang-in. In particular, there were specific reports that Sevilla, which secured qualification for next season’s Champions League by winning the UEFA (European Football Confederation) Europa League, would strengthen its strength by recruiting Lee Kang-in.

Mallorca was in a position to protect Lee Kang-in unconditionally, but Lee Kang-in’s intention to transfer was so strong, and other teams were not interested, so they changed it to transfer.

Currently, Atletico Madrid, which plans to add players to the transfer fee, is considered the most powerful team to embrace Lee Kang-in.

Once Lee Kang-in finished the season, he returned home through Incheon International Airport on the 7th. Lee Kang-in, who was included in the roster for the friendly match against Peru and El Salvador in June, will be called up to the national team on the 12th after a break to continue training.

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