Juri Ohara wins Dawon Yoon by TKO… Japan 2-0 lead

Following Oshima Saori, ‘Iron Spider’ Ohara Juri (32, Japan) showed off the dignity of Japan’s DEEP champion.

O’Hara won ‘Mantis’ Da-won Yoon (24, MMA Story) by TKO with a knee kick and soccer kick in 4 minutes and 39 seconds of the first round in the ‘Black Combat 5: Song of the Sword’ lightweight match held at the Suwon Convention Center in Gyeonggi-do on the 4th. (referee stop).

Ohara is a veteran with a record of 31 wins, 3 draws and 18 losses. He is 180cm tall and has a good command of long-stretched batting.

This time he showed how great his experience was. In the first round, Da-Won Yoon was given back position and was in danger of a rear naked choke.

Once out of the ground, O’Hara took the initiative. The jab and straight hits inflicted damage on Da-Won Yoon, and when Da-Won Yun tried to catch up, he overturned the atmosphere with counter strikes such as knee kicks 먹튀검증.

The final blow was a knee kick with a high RBI score. As soon as Yoon Da-Won collapsed, he kicked a soccer kick and the referee stopped.

Ohara said, “There were many times when I wanted to quit for 15 years, but with the help of my coach, I was able to come this far.” He thanked the Korean fans for their support by shouting “The best”.

O’Hara’s next target is the Black Combat Lightweight Title. He shouted, “I want to raise the Black Combat Championship Belt on the other side,” and “I will prepare for the title match.”

Yoon Da-won shed tears and regretted the defeat. He said, “I was confident and had a chance to win, but it didn’t work out in my strength. I think I’m definitely a featherweight fighter,” and said, “I’ll try again at featherweight.”

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