Jung Hyo-joon, who played with Cho Kyu-seong, hat-trick in the opening game of K5 “FA Cup participation is a dream”

Jeong Hyo-jun, who achieved a hat-trick in the opening game of the K5 League, aims to participate in the FA Cup.

The official opening game of the 2023 season K5 League was held on the 26th at Gwangju University Stadium. Gwangju Seo-gu Hwajeong FC beat Gwangsan Gwangsan-gu Via Football Club 6-0. Hwajeong FC striker Jeong Hyo-joon, who started the match that day, scored three goals alone and led the team to a great victory in the opening game.

Jeong Hyo-jun, who came out after the game, 메이저놀이터met with the Korea Football Association (KFA) and said, “I started soccer in the second grade of elementary school and went on to the soccer team of Gwangju University. However, when he was a college student, he injured his ankle ligament and knee and stopped playing sports,” he introduced himself.

Jung Hyo-Jun played with Jo Kyu-Sung during Gwangju University. Cho Kyu-seong joined K-League 2 FC Anyang through Gwangju University and is currently a national striker playing for Jeonbuk Hyundai in K-League 1. He participated in the last 2022 World Cup in Qatar, scored two goals and became a national star.

When asked about his memories with Cho Kyu-seong, Jeong Hyo-joon said, “(Cho) Kyu-seong and I are the same age, but I was a year my junior.” Kyu-seong was always a senior who took the lead. He took good care of his juniors, and if there was a lack of exercise, he would go out and exercise together in the evening,” he recalled. “I’m happy that Kyu-seong is doing well. From the standpoint of working out together, my shoulders go up too,” he laughed.

Jeong Hyo-joon, who was unable to continue his soccer career due to his injury, works and plays the K5 League ground. He said, “I want to play soccer, but I thought I wouldn’t have the stamina. He worked as a coach in elementary school, middle school, and high school to improve my physical condition. As he taught children, he kept thinking that he wanted to play soccer.”

Also, “I had a lot of acquaintances in K5 Hwajeong FC, so I was invited to join. I am happy to be playing the K5 League as a member of Hwajeong FC on weekends while going to a regular job now.” “Hwajeong FC won the K5 championship in the Gwangju region last season and participated in the championship. My goal is to participate in the championship this year as well, and to qualify for the FA Cup next season.”

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