“Jordan is better than James” NBA player survey… Green is the worst trash talker

Basketball Emperor’ Michael Jordan is better than ‘King’ LeBron James, a survey result has come out.

As a result of a recent survey of 103 NBA players conducted by The Athletic of the United States, 58.3% chose Jordan as the NBA’s all-time greatest player (GOAT). James was 33%. Kobe Bryant was third with 6.8%. Other votes included Bill Russell and Trey McGrady.

According to The Athletic, one player who voted for Jordan said, 메이저사이트 “He’s won six of the six finals.”

Currently, the league’s best defender and most underrated player are ranked first with 28.7% and 17.5% of the vote, respectively.

Joel Embiid was chosen as MVP this season with 50% of the votes.

The manager I most wanted to work with was coach Gregg Popovich, and the most feared player in the league was James Johnson with 41.1 votes.

In the Worst Trash Talker category, Draymond Green took first place.

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