Is KOGAS able to rebound?

Can Korea Gas Corporation make a turn at home? If you want to increase your home crowd, you have to win unconditionally.

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation is in 9th place with 13 wins and 24 losses. It is 4 games behind Jeonju KCC in 6th place. With 17 games left, we can catch up enough in terms of numbers.

The problem is that the gap has not diminished over time.

It was a gap토토사이트 of three games from a tie for fifth place right before entering the All-Star Game break. Rather, one more game took place. It is a gap that has not been reduced over the past month or so, so it is correct to expect that it will not be able to reduce it in the future.

However, what is expected is that the current flow is similar to last season.

Last season, KOGAS was sluggish with 3 wins and 10 losses until early February, including a 4-game losing streak from the end of December. The ranking, which was 4th, also fell to 8th.

On February 3 last year, KOGAS faced off against Changwon LG in Daegu. It was the 38th game of the season. Until then, KOGAS lost all four times to LG.

Gas Corporation won 86-80 in such a confrontation with LG. Wonju DB was defeated and escaped from sluggishness. Of course, after that, they lost again, but KOGAS, which changed the stagnant atmosphere, eventually got the right to advance to the playoffs.

This season, KOGAS suffered a losing streak from mid-December and received a report card of 3 wins and 14 losses.

On the 8th, we will have a game against LG at home. It is the same 38th game as last season, and the opponent’s record with LG is also in the middle of 4 losses.

If KOGAS, which has no place to back down, can rebound if it catches second place LG.

The difference from last season is that LG is at the top.

In addition, KOGAS will play against the top four teams in a row, starting with LG on the 8th, Seoul SK (away) on the 11th, Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation on the 12th, and Ulsan Hyundai Mobis (above home) on the 16th.

It is not an exaggeration to say that this season’s farming depends on this 4-game series.

Above all, KOGAS has the lowest number of home spectators this season. The average of 19 games is only 1363. It falls far short of the season average of 2145.

However, the number of spectators for KOGAS’ away games was 2,221, ranking fourth among 10 clubs. In other words, KOGAS is an opponent that fans of other clubs want to see.

Gas Corporation is sluggish with 8 wins and 11 losses at home. Excluding the away game against SK among the 4 consecutive matches that are approaching, we will face the top 3 teams at home. Defeating them will also increase the home crowd.

For reference, 1927 spectators gathered in the home game against Suwon KT on the 4th. This is second only to 2,787 in the home opener.

An official from Gas Corporation said, “At the end of last year, there were group viewings such as experiential learning, but there was no special group viewing in the game with KT.” I think the number of spectators has increased because of the good performance.”

Gas Corporation will face LG at the Daegu Gymnasium at 7:00 pm on the 8th.

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