Is Conte wrong?

 Antonio Conte is groaning over the collapse of midfield resources.

Against AC Milan, I saw hope in young blood Oliver Skip and Pape Sar. However, there are currently only three available: they and Pierre Emile Hoivier.

Rodrigo Bentancur is out for the season with a torn anterior cruciate ligament. Yves Bisuma is also on the operating table due to a stress fracture in his left ankle, and it is unclear whether he will return this season.

In the midst of this, the resurgence of Tottenham’s ‘Sacred Bone Youth’ Harry Winks is pouring in. Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ focused on Winks’ twist.

Winks was loaned to Italian Serie A Sampdoria ahead of the summer transfer window deadline this season. However, he underwent surgery for a chronic ankle injury. There was also a prospect of ‘season out’. On the 17th of last month, he had a ‘late debut match’. It was the 18th round of Serie A against Emboli.

After that, Winks started for 4 consecutive games, and on the 14th he played full-time against Inter Milan, leading the team to a 0-0 draw. Sampdoria are currently in the relegation zone, 19th, but Winks’ performance has encouraged them.

Winks also earned a new nickname as a local Italian media. ‘Washing machine’, so-called washing machine. It contains the meaning토토사이트, of praise for ‘cleaning’ the midfielder.

‘Daily Mail’ said, ‘Winks’ performance reminds me of the time when he was selected for the England national team and the European Champions League match against Real Madrid five years ago. At the time, he was often compared to Barcelona’s Xavi and Andres Iniesta,’ he said. ‘Sampdoria teammates trust Winks. They want him to own the ball. He’s dedicated to set pieces, and his connections are great. He is re-establishing himself as a player that European coaches like Conte call a reference point.’

Coach Dejan Stankovic, who appeared as a firefighter at the beginning of this season in October last year, also praised after the match against Inter Milan, saying, “Winks suffered a lot, but his desire to show his worth was never lacking.”

27-year-old Winks is Tottenham’s representative ‘sacred bone youth’. He emerged as the hope of England’s coach during Mauricio Pochettino’s days. However, after coach Conte took the helm, he was pushed out of the competition for starting positions. Winks hit a turning point at Sampdoria.

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