“If young players gain confidence,” director Lim Geun-bae’s laugh at a successful large-fish hunt

Coach Lim Geun-bae, who caught Woori Bank, smiled.

Yongin Samsung Life Insurance won 69-58 in a match against Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball Asan Woori Bank held at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium on the 2nd.

The main thing was to overwhelm 49-23안전놀이터 in the rebound fight, grabbing 21 offensive rebounds. Also, Woori Bank succeeded in escaping 5 consecutive losses by causing 17 turnovers.

Samsung Life coach Lim Geun-bae said, “There was nothing to bet on, except to play diligently. He ordered the players to move a lot even when it was difficult. Today (2nd), he participated in the rebound well and moved well. I always lost to Woori Bank in the rebound fight, but today I showed perseverance. Overall, it was a good match,” he said of his victory.

“I focused on causing a lot of opponent turnovers. He instructed us not to fall behind when defending, but to rise strongly. Normally, in a switch situation, the opponent catches the ball and defends, but today, he told me not to do that and stick hard. Woori Bank is not a team that will do 17 turnovers each, but the players did a good job.”

On this day, Samsung Life’s pillar, Bae Hye-yoon, was absent due to knee pain. However, he showed better performance. When Bae Hye-yoon disappeared under the goal, it was much easier to utilize the space, and attacked Woori Bank through constant movements such as screens and cutting.

Regarding this, director Lim Geun-bae said, “There are pros and cons when (Bae) Hye-yoon is around. Now the rest of the players can make full use of the space. There are times when this shouldn’t be blocked, but if it works out, you can play basketball smoothly. I continued training in the offseason with the current players. However, practice and practice are different. He did well during practice games, but seems to be nervous in the regular league. I hope young players will gain confidence from today,” he laughed.

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