“I want to be a good addition to the team,” says Lee Jong-hyun as he joins Jung Kwan-jang

“I want to be a good addition to the team.”

The Anyang Jungkwanjang Red Boosters lost 99-107 in an exhibition game against the Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Phoebus at Anyang Gymnasium on Nov. 15. Lee Jong-hyun also played in the game and worked with his teammates.

After the game, Lee Jong-hyun said, “I think it was a good experience for all the players because Hyundai Mobis is a team that is considered to be very good. Although we lost the game, I think we played a good game because we were able to feel what we lacked and what we did well.”

Lee Jong-hyun is a newcomer to the Jungkwanjang uniform this season.

“I don’t have any problems adapting because the managers and coaches take good care of me and the atmosphere is good. It’s an atmosphere that allows me to work hard voluntarily. I’m working hard,” he said.

During his professional career, Lee Jong-hyun suffered from frequent injuries and spent a lot of time off the court.온라인카지노

“I’m trying to keep going steadily,” he said of his current physical condition. I’m not particularly sick. I’m in good shape. I’m just trying to keep it that way.”

Finally, Jong-hyun talked about his goals for the upcoming season, saying, “My goal is to play all the games without getting injured. I really want to contribute to the team.”

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