“I put strength into my body” director Park Jeong-eun’s long words about ace Lee So-hee

BNK lost an important game. 

Busan BNK Some lost 73-78 in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league match against Yongin Samsung Life Bluemings held at Yongin Gymnasium on the 8th.

BNK handed over the second place to Samsung Life Insurance and fell to a tie for third place. Prior to the game on this day, he was ahead of Samsung Life Insurance with a record of 3 wins and 1 loss in the season, but he could not use his advantage.

BNK collapsed after 먹튀검증overcoming the inferiority and chasing down to the bottom of the chin, but could not overcome the hurdle. In particular, an easy shot miss and turnover at the crucial moment in the 4th quarter were painful.

Manager Park Jeong-eun said, “It’s a disappointing game. Especially today’s game was important, but the players couldn’t find their own rhythm and ended up disappointing in all respects. In particular, Lee So-hee needs to solve something, but it’s definitely an important game. There is a tendency. I think we should have a meeting again to give him confidence.”

He continued, “I tend to get excited or my vision narrows a lot. Since I’m not skilled yet, I gave a rhythm to come out and see. Because I’m so obsessed with offense, there was a part that I missed in defense. That part came out too big of a minus. I think we need to think together about how to solve the problem when Sohee doesn’t shoot. I have a lot of movement, but there is a side that is not practical, so I will talk about it,” he said about Lee Sohee.

In particular, Lee So-hee, who was in a hurry, was painful to miss the decisive fast break in the chase flow in the 4th quarter. 

Director Park said, “It was seen that Sohee put a lot of energy into her body. She is a player who doesn’t miss easy shots and has good senses enough to hit difficult shots, but I wonder if her balance was bad. It seems to have worked. Since then, I have been dodging the ball, so there was an appearance of the ball being focused on Ahn Hye-ji. I kept emphasizing it because I wanted to break it, but since I am a young player, I think I can see my weakness in that respect.”

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