“I hesitated a lot, but I won’t regret it”… ‘Active period’ Bae Seong-geun revealed the reason for retirement

 On the 1st, Bae Seong-geun thanked and said goodbye to the background of his decision to retire and the fans who had sent passionate support through his SNS on the 1st.

Bae Seong-geun started his professional life after being nominated by the Lotte Giants in the 2014 rookie draft with the 40th overall pick in the 2nd 4th round. Bae Seong-geun stepped on the stage of the first team after 5 years of joining in 2019, but he played in 140 games and recorded a batting average of 0.180, and could not get a place in the first안전놀이터 team.

Amid repeated failures as a fielder, Bae Seong-geun even considered changing his position to a pitcher. However, on the 31st of last month, Seong-geun Bae decided to take off his active duty uniform and prepare for his second life. An official from Lotte said, “Bae Seong-geun has retired from playing. Seong-geun Bae knows how hard the 2nd team players go through, so he plans to donate 10 million won, although it is not a large amount for his colleagues and seniors and juniors.”

On the 1st, Bae Seong-geun announced his retirement through SNS, saying, “I am sorry to have to announce such a sudden news to many people who have supported me.” revealed

Bae Seong-geun said, “I wanted to play for a team called the Lotte Giants since I was in school, and I wanted to become a baseball player loved by many people by taking my place as a shortstop.” I think I worked harder than anyone else to achieve my dream and put a lot of effort and time into it.”

Continuing, he said, “Contrary to my mind, the results did not follow my heart, and I had a difficult last year 2022 season. In a situation where my worries deepened, I tried to find another breakthrough in pitching conversion, but for me, as a player other than a shortstop. During the off-season, I felt that life was meaningless,” he explained the reason for his decision to retire.

Bae Seong-geun said, “Forcing myself to hold a position I don’t want will not help my individual development or the team. I hesitated and thought about it several times. It would be a lie if I said I didn’t regret it, but I don’t want to regret it.

Bae Seong-keun did not forget to express his gratitude to his fans and colleagues. He said, “I can’t play together anymore, but I will always cheer for you outside the field. Thanks to the club and my colleagues, I was able to create really valuable experiences and memories.” I will become a person who can live by giving with a grateful heart without forgetting the interest and love of the many people who supported and helped me while I was doing ”.

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